2nd little big impact word!

Our second little big impact word to get rid of is 'try'!

Bear Grills says, 'Maybe it's just me, but I don't like the word 'try'.  Trying to do something just sounds like you're not really making that much effort - and the result is almost inevitable.  Somewhere in our brains the word 'try' gets associated with phrases like 'he tried his best' and 'try again' or 'I'll try to make it'.  It's almost as if 'trying' to do something means you're setting yourself up to fall short of your goal.'

Bear Grills goes on: 'But they are just words, I hear you say.  Why does it matter whether we say 'try' or 'endeavour'?  

It matters, believe me.  Our words become our attitudes and our attitudes become our life.'