radio interview

Pre-Wimbledon radio interview today with BBC 3 counties radio.  Visit their website and click on 'listen again' and look for Mike Naylor 'Summer Saturday'.  Interview with Nick Leighton and myself went out at 14.35pm.

Happy listening if you get to it - you'll need about 10 minutes.


A key mental skill for high performance, the England football team at the Euros is finally developing a greater sense of self-awareness - an understanding of who they are, what they can and can't do, and a growing ability to maximise strengths and minimise weaknesses.

Oliver Kay writes in The Times today, "As Joe Hart and Scott Parker faced the media in Cracow this week, both responded to questions about England's playing style by saying 'we are what we are' - and saying so not with an air of resignation, but with that of a group who has finally worked out what they are good at."

The temptation in sport (and quite possibly life) to be something we are not is huge, and most often to the detriment of our performance. Know thyself, what strengths you bring and put them to the best use possible. Oh yea, and commit to every ball!

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Wimbledon qualies

Bank of England, Roehampton, UK. Wimbledon qualies first round. Katy to play Italian Maria Camerin around 180 WTA. Sun shining, courts playing well, kick off 11am.


Nalbandian and holding ourselves accountable

See Jonathan Overend's blog on BBC Sport website this morning.  Totally agree with him.  Nalbandian's behaviour was indefensible and a shocking example to all young players learning to respect the game, officials, equipment and themselves.  Mistakes happen of course, and we apologise for them (which he did) but to then to go on and blame the ATP showed a real lack of accountability.  Shame, I'm a great fan of his tennis.

Katy gets it Dunne

Halton's Everyball International Academy player Katy Dunne won her final match in the British Wimbledon's pre qualifying event with an assured performance over Emily Webly-Smith (WTA world ranking of 397). The result will see Katy forgo an ITF Junior event in Halle next week as she takes to the courts at Roehampton on tuesday in her first senior Grand Slam event.

Katy played the big points in her 6-3 6-3 win with great conviction and courage showing off her ground stroke prowess and improved serving.

As Katy goes through her post match prep below, she begins to consider the opportunities to come on the grass courts next week. Great job Katy!