County Closed week - Good luck all players

Good luck all players this week competing in your various County Closed events.  Bucks, Herts, Beds, Middlesex, Berkshire, Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire will all have representation from Everyball at Halton! (Don't think I've missed any out?)

Morning warm-ups to be held at Chesham Bois each day 7.50 - 8.50 am.

Theme for the week: Renewal of effort, again and again without entitlement to immediate reward! 

Katy Dunne blogs from New Haven!

So this week I'm in New Haven at Yale University playing in the Maureen Conolly for GBR. It's a friendly team tournament against the USA played every year in the rememberence of Maureen.  This year we're playing along side the WTA event where top 4 seeds are Radwanska, Kvitova, Wozniacki (pictured below) and Errani.

We get to go in the players room where all the pro's chill out before and after their matches, which is pretty cool as were right close up seeing what they do from day to day. So far we've been here 3 days, but finally tomorrow (23rd August) is match day and I'll be playing at 1, Katie Boulter 2, Harriet Dart at 3 and Anna Brogan being our 4th player, as Eleanor Dean is unfortunatly injured so she'll take the biggest part in support! So wish us Brits luck, hopefully we'll keep the good feeling of the O'lympics riding on!!

Summer Camps roll on!

Our busiest year yet of Summer Camps roll on. Day 3 of week 5 warms up this morning under watchful eye of Pete Thorne. Final week next week and places filling up fast on Minis, Junior and Multi Sport Camp. Don't miss the fun! 01296 623453 to book. Adult camps running next week as well led by Master Performance Coach Phil Hill so call for more info.

Liberty going well in Sutton LTA British Tour

Well done Liberty Crawford in winning through first two rounds of qualifying at the LTA British Tour at Sutton this week. Beat Oana Manole 6-4 6-2 and then Rachel Porter 6-3, 6-1.  Plays Manisha Chowdhury tomorrow at 12 noon.  Get the pistols out!

Good luck Libs!

Renewing effort - again and again

Back to base camp after EBI's Alice Patch and Holly Hutchinson lost today up in Nottingham - good run both and lots to keep working on!

Had a chat with Helen Reesby of the LTA on Monday.  Having just come back from the 14&U World Championships with Great Britain team, Helen was keen to stress that the players doing well on the International stage were those who were able to renew their effort, again and again, point after point and not feel entitled to immediate reward.  In working that through, especially the idea of entitlement, I think we've got to front up and be honest: effort does not necessarily bring reward, but brings about the moment where reward is possible, perhaps even probable but NOT guaranteed.  We only need to consider those athletes at the Olympics who trained for 4 years to come away with nothing, perhaps not even a personal best on the biggest stage and at the biggest moment of their careers.  

It's too easy to say, 'keep working and the results will come' but what of those moments when we work our butts off but results don't change?  That's when resilience kicks in, that ability to go again, and again, and again if need be, each time knowing you are getting closer, and if you never quite get there, your victory is in the journey.  As a wise man once said, 'you'll find when you arrive that the journey was the prize'.

Alice and Holly progress in Nottingham

Everyball player Holly Hutchinson (pic below) came back from 5-2 down in the first set tie break to win it 7-5 and then went on to win the second set 6-1 against Holly Thomson in the 14&U British National Championships. 11th seeded Hutchinson now plays 8th seed Emily Arbuthnot in Round 3 today.

Alice Patch beat Kirsty Venter in a confident first round display 6-1 6-2 and now plays 7th seed Molly Reed in Round 2 of the 16&U event.

spirit levels - getting things 'just so'

Got a new table tennis table for my birthday last week.  Well, my boys got a new table tennis table for my birthday last week and I get on it now and again!!

Anyway, it's an outdoor, fold-up one with wheels that we can move around the garden to stay in the shade on the odd hot day, but of course it's not always level and you have to play around with the length of the legs to get it 'just so'.

Joel, my oldest likes things 'just so', so (sorry a lot of so's in this) out came the spirit level this morning and we got it just perfect.  It's nice to be able to measure and get things just so, and measures seem to be one of the dominant theme coming out of the Olympics - British cycling leading the way with their philosophy of 'marginal gains'.  

But of all the 'measurables' perhaps one's spirit is left as an unquantifiable?  Out of all the qualities an athlete requires, when in the end all else is equal, it's one's spirit that separates them from the rest.   The spirit of Mo Farah coming down the back straight to win his second Gold medal or of Kenya's David Rudisha as he led from the front like the proud Masai he is.  Michael Phelps spirited and sporting response in losing to his 200m Butterfly crown to Chad Le Clos only to bounce back and leave the Olympics as the most decorated man in the history of the games.

So many spirited moments we witnessed during those two Olympic weeks and our responsibility now is to keep that spirit alive, to encourage each other, give strength to each other, to awaken and rouse that spirit that lies within all of us and let it be manifest in every area of our lives...

Have a spirited day!