News roundup - Erika and Lauren do well

Erika Dodridge won her first official 12&U tournament on Saturday - the 12&U Winter County Tour at Bucks Indoor Centre, High Wycombe.  With this win she has qualified for the Winter Regional Tour at Corby October 13.  See Erika pictured below (left) with training partner Scarlett Hutchinson.

Well done also Lauren Armstrong who has also qualified through to the U14 WRT at High Wycombe.  Even Lauren's fans showed up to watch!!

Thought for the week - 'Don't be impressed by the size of the problem'

'Don't be impressed by the size of the problem!'

The Shard (of Glass) building in London is now the tallest completed building in Europe standing 309.6 metres tall (1,016 ft).  Pretty impressive!

The Grand Canyon in Arizona is 1800 metres deep (6,000 ft) deep.

You can fit 5.90 Shards into the Grand Canyon.

Don't be impressed by the size of your problem, there's always a bigger one around the corner!  I can't remember the exact quote or figure (it doesn't really matter) but someone said we always have 93 problems!  Solve one and it's replaced by another.  Getting too impressed by them won't help!

Part of our Academy ethos says this:

'If you are committed to fighting for 'everyball' you are committed to fighting for 'everyday'.  If you are an 'everyball' player, you are also an 'everyday player', fighting to greet the full ranges of life's challenges.'

Join us.

National Talent ID

Well done Scarlett Hutchinson, Lauren Armstrong, Indu Ragunather, Matt Blood, Ben Smith and Daniel Dean for invitation to and participation in this Autumn's LTA National Talent ID programme.

See Matt Blood doing a great job on his side to side test!

Thought for the day - Reduce anxiety and increase confidence

Was working with a player the other day on taking the drive volley on.  Player happy to do so in practice but less so in matches.  Why?  Anxiety that she might miss, caused by uncertainty with what to do with the ball! The solution could be a number of things including technical improvement, but the key to this particular situation was 'clarity of purpose,' knowing what she wanted to do with the ball.  Therefore, we decided upon two clear goals whenever the drive volley opportunity presented itself:

1.  Play with natural body shape
2.  Play into the big space because the ball is always going to be faster than the opponent's feet!

By having a clear plan on every ball, 'hitting every ball with a purpose' meant that the player's confidence to take on that floating ball increased, in the main because the uncertainty was taken away.  Sometimes too much choice, too many options lead to anxiety.  

So want to build confidence?

Have a plan
Reduce your options
Go out and execute!

The ball is always faster than the feet!

Katy Dunne reaches final of Grade 2 ITF in Egypt

EBI's Katy Dunne reaches the final of the Egypt ITF Grade 2 (18&U) and will play top seeded Russian Komardina tomorrow.

On route she beat second seed Kudermetova (ranked 62 in the world) 7-6, 6-4 and Grimm of Switzerland in the semi-final 7-5, 6-3, clearly using her drop shot to great effect!

Good luck Katy in tomorrow's final, and great job to coach Pete Thorne.