US College Tennis Scholarships - interested?? Then this meeting is for you!

Are you interested in going to an American University and becoming a student athlete with a tennis scholarship? Jemima King will be presenting on Wednesday March 25th 8pm at Halton Tennis Centre on the US College journey, how you can make your dream come a reality and to provide as much information as possible to help inform you of your choices after school and for the players to see what it is actually like in the American college system.  It is an opportunity to hear from current Bucks players who are currently studying in America on a tennis scholarship. Over the last four years Jemima has helped 10 players find a place at an American University. 

Please email Jemima - if you are able to attend the presentation. 

Thought for the day - Davis Cup - 'You reap what you sow'

Andrew Castle said at one point during the TV commentary on the Davis cup yesterday: ‘You can play better than your opponent or you can make your opponent play worse than you.’

What does that mean for you? I still often hear from players having lost a match, ‘Oh, he/she just made loads of balls, didn’t do much with them and all the tennis came from me, I just missed the final execution.’ This may or may not be true given each individual situation, but the message is, ‘I’m really much better than they are even though I’ve just come off court losing 6-2 6-2.’ Fact is the match has been lost and you’ve been beaten by a player who has made you play worse than them!

Making balls, ‘everyball’ for that matter, consistently asks questions of your opponent and increases the cumulative pressure on them as the match wears on. So often Murray sows early in matches by hustling balls down, and reaps later on in the match when his opponent looks to go for that little bit more. John Isner served huge over the weekend, played some massive FH’s but simply didn’t make enough balls. In fact, it was James Ward down the stretch in that 5th set who ‘made one more ball’ that counted.