BBC Sport - Andy Murray's motivational notes reveals 'try your best' tactic

Interesting notes. Simplicity and just shows that there are no great secrets out there. Choice of language interesting as well - repeated use of the word 'try'. Use of this word can elicit doubt. Better (in my opinion) to eliminate 'try' from your vocabulary.

How about:

'give your best' 'Dictate the points' 'Keep him at the baseline make him move'

Far more intentional even if it doesn't happen all the time!

Everyball and Halton Tennis grow the game!

50 children on Everyball ‘tasters’ through this half term with great conversion onto courses. 37 ‘everyball’ mini red players competing this coming weekend in various internal and county league events. Everyball for everyone - growing the game! We make it incredibly easy and fun to learn to play the game, to get involved in our super sport.

Hunger in paradise

LTA Chief Executive spoke last week on Radio 4 about developing a culture in which you can ‘instil hunger in paradise’ rather than an entitlement culture from too much support. Thought a ‘hunger in paradise’ is an excellent phrase…how does one create it? The England Rugby team responded with a hunger on Friday night against Wales - perhaps a generalisation, but many from privileged backgrounds/public school system….GB rowers perennial success stories, our cyclists….formula 1 drivers, list goes on. The model is there - tennis has just got to find it!