Young person at first job interview answering the question: 'So what did sport teach you?':

Well, SpoRt taught me the 4 R's:

Respect - I learned to respect the rules, officials, the competition and I learned to respect the value of hard work and commitment

Resilience - I learned to bounce back quickly from disappointment, ready to 'go again' with my best effort

Responsibility - I learned about 'the ability to respond' by being totally prepared for whatever my sport was going to throw at me

Self-Reflection - simply I learned to reflect on 'what went well' and 'even better if' to enable me to move on and get better each and every day

Thousands of young people about to hit the courts, the pools, the pitches, and the gyms this morning. Don't underestimate the value of what you are learning!

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Fantastic news for Alice Patch as she also signs for US college tennis

And it's Utah State for Alice! Great opportunities lie in tennis - university, coaching, playing, administration and management. U.S. College scholarships a great return on investment for the years of energy, time and finances ploughed into a junior career. Our very own Jemima King is our resident expert and places several athletes a year into university in the states. Great also to see GB university programme developing with uni camp being held at NTC this week.