Playing every ball with courageous purpose

The first line of the ethos of 'everyball' reads:

'We commit to fight for every ball, to run down every ball, and to play every ball with courageous purpose.'

Fighting for every ball links to our every ball hard cores of 'athletic look to split as they hit' as well as 'beating the bounce of both the incoming and your outgoing ball.' Running every ball down? No ball ever bounces twice in front of you or gets passed you!

But what does playing every ball with courageous purpose mean? We believe that it's doing the right thing at the right time and in the right place, and doing it with conviction. An example of this could be: after a long rally player is pulled out wide onto FH side, and feeling tired there is a strong impulse to 'go for broke' down the line. The courageous thing to do is to overcome this temptation, be prepared to 'suffer' a little more and go 'high and heavy' back down the middle to neutralise and stay in the point ready for a better opportunity.

In another scenario a player is up 5-4 40-30 against a player they have never beaten before. Having worked well to open up space the winner down the line is on. Does the player now have the courage to 'go for it' to seal the set.

I suppose we're all asked to the the courageous thing on a day to day basis, not just on the tennis court. Right thing, right time, right place, with conviction. Have a courageous day!

Saturday morning courses at Halton - 10th January 2015

Hello all,

Due to the current high winds and more specifically the severe gusts exceeding 50 miles per hour, we have now taken the decision to cancel our indoor courses at Halton tomorrow, Saturday 10th January. Whilst we recognise an accident of any sort is very unlikely, we simply cannot afford any level of risk to our customers in our air domes. We do apologise for the inconvenience and the re-arranged session will take place on Saturday 21st of February. We look forward to seeing all our Saturday customers next week (17th Jan) and hope you understand the action we have to take from time to time when these weather conditions occur.

With thanks,

The Everyball Team

Update for Friday evening squads 9th Jan 2015


All squads will be cancelled tonight at Halton due to severe gusts that are predicted which mean that we can not risk keeping our air domes open.

The only squad going ahead is Mini Red which will be held in the studio from 4-5 pm.

We apologise for the inconvenience and will advise of sessions in lieu in due course.

Many thanks,

The Everyball Team

How's your 'attitude' today?

My wife despairs at my relentless drive to maintain a positive attitude. ‘You try living with him’ is her stock line to friends as I throw quote after quote at her. Even I can see that it can get tiresome! I know I’m going over-board when my son corrects his teacher saying, ’no miss, the saying isn’t “practice makes perfect,” its "practice makes permanent!’"

And we do talk a lot in sport about positive attitude. But what does attitude really mean? Jung described it as ‘the readiness of the psyche to act or react in a certain way’. I like that definition, and perhaps more specifically ‘our readiness to act or react in a positive way’. Got me thinking; am I ready to act or react in a positive way today and what are the barriers towards me doing so? The answers might be as simple as fatigue (for me I’m suffering the effects of jet lag with another morning being wide awake at 5am!) or they may be a little deeper or complex. Either way, identify what might be the barriers towards you acting or reacting in a positive way today and the battle is half-won! And let’s face it, some days we’ve gotta work just that little bit harder at it than others. Jemima King (Everyball Coach and Head of our Aspire to Excel programme) calls this ‘emotional endurance’ - the ability to stay positive as fatigue and other factors creep in! So today, we can be victims or we can be volunteers. It is really our choice!

Have a positive day! Mike