Two problems...

Problem number 1 is erroneously believing you deserve it.

'It' being:

  • that ranking
  • winning that match or getting that far
  • selection for that team, squad, programme, school, institution
  • that life, experience, opportunity

This is a problem because you have not worked hard or smart enough to 'earn it' and you like the idea of it but are not prepared to really commit with the right attitude and energy to the goal.  Or, you've constantly been told how good, talented, smart you are, but actually don't have the evidence to back it up and 'it' is seen an entitlement.

Problem number 2 is not believing your deserve it.

This is a problem because you are working your socks off and all the evidence points to the fact that you do deserve it but either background, self-belief or attitudes from you or those around you that say, 'that's only for the exclusive group'.  If this is you, just ask yourself the question, 'if not you, who?  If not now, when?'

Intellectual property/credit & inspiration for this blog taken from Seth Godin's blog, The two 'Harvard problems'

Halton Tennis Centre & Everyball Tennis named as one of GB's 50 Local Player Development Centres today

The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) today named 50 tennis centres across the country that will act as Local Player Development Centres (LPDCs), marking the next milestone in the development of the new ten-year Performance Strategy for tennis in Britain.

We are delighted to announce that HaltonUK & Everyball Tennis have been invited to contribute to the new Performance Strategy in this capacity and we look forward to partnering the LTA in our ongoing work developing young, local talent in our area.

For further information on the new Performance Strategy and today's announcement by the LTA please see this link

Congratulations to the entire Everyball/HaltonUK team who have made this possible.

A really rather special day at SW19

She entered the stage like she belonged and then played like she belonged with a joy, freedom, smile and grit that we grew so accustomed to over the years in our journey with Katy at Halton and to see it manifest itself on the biggest stage in the world yesterday was really rather special.

Not only was it an absolute privilege to be invited up by Katy to support her on the day, it was beyond my wildest expectations that she'd play her first round main draw Wimbledon match against 12th seed Jelena Ostapenko on Centre Court.

To be there in her box alongside her parents, friends and coaching team from @GoslingTennis who have done such a fine job with her over the last 18 months or so was the fruition of a dream that began 11 years ago when she first rocked up at Halton as a 12 year old.

Thank you Katy for the superb experience yesterday and wishing you and Harriet all the very best in the doubles!