A couple great quotes for coaches/teachers on learning

'You haven't taught until they have learned' - John Wooden

'No such thing as bad pupil, just bad teacher' - Mr Miagi (Karate Kid)

Meaning, as coaches we've simply got to find a way because:

  1. Our students learn in different ways (can we tap into each individual's different learning style?)
  2. Our students require a desire to learn (can we create curiosity/need to learn/dissatisfaction?)
  3. Our students learn at different speeds (are we patient enough?)

(Credit to LTA SPC Level 4 Coach qualification course material)


We grow older, we get slower.

The next generation take over.

Competitors improve.

Funding gets withdrawn.


New school, exams, university.

Kids leave home.

First job.

Last job.

A new job.

No job.


No Brexit.

House prices drop.

House prices rise.

A baby

A new dog, cat, hamster, whatever....

The only sure thing we know about change is that it's inevitable.  It's gonna happen.  It part of life.  It's sometimes welcome, it's sometimes unwelcome.  Either way, we've gotta embrace it because through change, opportunity is lurking.

Sir David Brailsford of Team Sky said this week (on Sky pulling out as main sponsor):

'You've got to be calm - in life the goalposts are going to move - it's not a question of if they move but when.  We've reacted very calmly and change brings opportunities.  We build things, we're creators and we see it as an opportunity.  It's been an amazing run, but equally you look to the future and think, 'Ok, let's move on, let's build something.'

Wozniacki BH masterclass (part 2)

Continuing this little mini series on the Wozniacki backhand today.

4.  Contact point shown as level or just marginally in front of front foot, with hitting shoulder (her left) marginally behind the right (unlike the forehand where hitting shoulder would be in front of non-hitting shoulder at contact on a neutral rallying shot).  Note the back foot is in tip-toe stance and there is a strong sense of body picking up rotational speed at this moment.

5.  Wozniacki show great arm extension (a long hitting zone) out towards her target area 

6.  Great poise and balance on the finish, rotation now close to complete with left shoulder marginally in front of right and hitting side of racket face facing side fence indicating internal rotation of left forearm/wrist has taken place, and topspin been imparted on the ball. Left-elbow level with shoulder pointing towards down the court in classic pose.

Have fun practicing!

Wozniacki backhand masterclass

Want to hit a backhand like Wozniacki?  Follow this sequence, paying particular attention to how she uses her legs to transfer weight into the shot.

1.  As Wozniaki steps in towards the ball with her front foot, notice her weight is still significantly stored through her back leg, with the heal of her front foot striking the court first.  Shoulders have turned a little more than hips and she's now ready to unload into the shot. Super athletic position with knees flexed (bent).

2.  One frame on and a shift in weight now onto the front foot is apparent with heal of back foot beginning to lift, shoulders still very much turned and 'in coil'.  Knees still in flexion.

3. Critical frame to hitting with easy power.  Wozniacki now clearly turns the back knee towards the oncoming ball before contact to release her kinetic chain (knee, hip, torso, shoulder, elbow, wrist) for maximum easy power through the strike.

We'll pick up the next few frames tomorrow to look at contact point and follow-through.