A new way of thinking (3)

We are entitled to our human rights.

That's about it.

Entitlement doesn't stretch further.

We are not entitled to win that match.
We are not entitled to that job or that earning.
We are not entitled to that behavioural response.
We are not entitled to that reward, that relationship, that perk.

When we become entitled, we become a victim. It becomes everybody else's fault, never ours.  

There's always someone or something to blame and frankly playing the victim is not attractive.

Our response is to take responsibility - show an ability to respond and create value in and for ourselves by working for and earning the things we want.

Superb by Jo Konta reaching finals of Miami - no entitlement there I can assure you.
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I get this. I understand what you're saying and the behaviour you endeavour to help us change. I have recently been challenging my own thinking on this (similar to your's, perhaps even more extreme - ALL rights are actually privileges). Certainly, the assertion of rights/entitlements without reason-giving shuts out potential self-correcting learning. However, by thinking that rights/entitlements are privileges, we immediately create a power structure. By definition, privileges must be granted. Someone with the power to grant a privilege, immediately has power over us. We must have trust that that person will use that power responsibly and fairly. Power can corrupt (and as the old saying goes "absolute power corrupts absolutely"). Trust, like privilege, must also be earned. Trust earned is also a privilege that can be easily removed. Just one more brief thought; a clarification that I am sure you are happy concede. If a worker has been appointed to a job and is fulfilling it within the terms of his/her employment contract/expectation, that worker has a right/entitlement to that job and earning. Of course, the employer also has a right to expect the worker's effort and application of skill. Always two-way; always a balance. Further (long) read from Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/rights/