Back to the 'A' in B.R.E.A.D - when checking our 'attitude' how do we challenge unhelpful or irrational thinking?

Happy first day of Wimbledon folks!! 

Ok, I'm getting acronym crazy here but try A.C.E to challenge irrational and unhelpful thinking that may be impacting attitude in a negative way.

A - Accept that as human beings our emotions will more often kick in first and that our fight, flight, freeze responses (our animalistic 'chimp' responses) are there to protect us although they can often be irrational and unhelpful.  Accept it's ok to have them, they are a part of us and one of the reasons we've survived so successfully as a species!

C - Catch them! We accept that they'll be there, but we got to become really 'tuned' in to our own thought patterns/behaviours to 'catch' anything irrational and unhelpful.  Can you think of some situations that you respond irrationally to?  Do a little pre-mortem on this to establish when you're more likely to go into unhelpful/irrational thinking patterns so your radar is on.

E - Erase (exchange might be a better word - thanks Emily Ineson) them by replacing them with a more 'human' logical/reasonable/helpful statement