Catching the 'good stuff' and (believe it or not) staying in our comfort zones to learn!

.A great reminder that we've got to keep catching each other doing the good stuff.  A few quotes from an excellent article by Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall in the `March-April edition of The Harvard Business Review:

'Learning is less a function of adding something that isn't there than it is of recognising, reinforcing, and refining what already is....neurologically, we grow more in our areas of greater ability (our strengths are our development areas).....according to brain science, people grow far more neurons and synaptic connections where they already have the most neurons and synaptic connections.  In other words, each brain grows most where it's already strongest.....getting attention to our strengths from others catalyses learning, whereas attention to our weaknesses smothers it.'

'We're often told that the key to learning is to get out of our comfort zones, but these findings contradict that particular chestnut: Take us very far out of our comfort zones, and our brains stop paying attention to anything other than surviving the experience.  It's clear that we learn most in our comfort zones, because that's where our neural pathways are most concentrated.  It's where we're most open to possibility, most creative, insightful, and productive.  That's where feedback must meet us - in our moments of flow.

'We humans do not do well when someone whose intentions are unclear tells us where we stand, how good we 'really' are, and what we must do to fix ourselves.  We excel only when people who know us and care about us tell us what they experience and what they feel, and in particular when they see something within us that really works.'