Developing player responsibility - one of the Everyball 4R's

Responsibility.....I like to define it as showing an 'ability to respond' in any given situation by being accountable for and owning one's own thinking and behaviours.  A critical component to being mentally tough in a sport such as tennis but a huge life skill as well.

Unwittingly as coaches we can take responsibility away from our players by consistently, and with good intent (after all isn't this what the client pays us for?  Aren't we the experts?), providing them with our solutions to their problems. This seldom creates awareness, builds confidence or creates ownership and responsibility for action beyond the lesson.  The player's answers will always be more powerful than those provided by the coach because of what it requires of the player/athlete to get to that answer by themselves - a shift in perception, engagement and awareness.  The player's answers are far more likely to be owned, with a greater sense of responsibility for making them happen.

Parents 'helping' are your rendering your kids 'helpless'?