Disruptions - could they be good for us?

Sometimes we have an experience that doesn't fit within our particular framework of understanding, beliefs, values even.

Call it a disruption.

New York Times Bestselling Author Rob Bell writes in his new book:

'It's disruptions that are often the catalysts for our growth.  You travel, you taste, you meet new people from other tribes, you read new things, you hear new perspectives, you see data or research you hadn't seen before - and you discover that your previous way of categorising and labelling and believing aren't adequate.

You have a choice in that moment: you either ignore or deny or minimise your experience, or you open yourself up to the very real pain of leaving that way of understanding behind.

This is often incredibly exciting and liberating, but it can also have a traumatic dimension to it, like the carpet in being yanked out from under you.  Like the stable ground you've been walking on for so long is now trembling.

And you you can't go back.

Once you've tasted, you can't untaste.

Once you've seen, you can't unsee.'