Do you play tennis/sport for a noble purpose?

Dr James Loehr, world renowned Sports Psychologist, talks about having a 'noble purpose for why we are playing tennis' (insert your sport in place of tennis).

He goes on to say that some reasons for why we play tennis do not serve us well.

Achievement does not guarantee anything in terms of happiness.  Some of the worlds top sportsmen and women have been miserable and depressed, especially when they reach the top of the mountain and feel nothing but empty.

Society's answers for success - fame, money, power, status/position, materialism, beauty - do not make us happy.  

Re-purpose your reasons for playing

I am in tennis because.....

  • It helps me grow up (Everyball's 4R's of Respect, Resilience, Responsibility, Reflection)
  • I keeps me healthy and fit
  • I love it and love competing and testing myself
  • I love to learn new things and seek to master something that matters to me
  • It will help me raise the finances to open a school for disadvantaged children (Andre Agassi on re-purposing why he played, the happy consequence of which was reaching No. 1 in the world again)

Do you need to re-purpose your reasons for playing?