Everyball Tennis Seniors (ITF Grade 5) at HaltonUK held this week

Our first ever ITF Seniors Event is being held this week at Halton.   We've been blessed with amazing weather, a super entry and the tournament has been superbly refereed by Bob Stone and directed by James Morgan.  Events have run across +35, +45, +55, +65 singles and doubles.

So proud of all our Halton club members who (for many) have taken on the challenge of a new competitive experience, laced up and put themselves 'out there'.  Love it!

A massive well done to Tim Gill, Matt Rogan, Ralph Holliday, Rachel Barnett, Dharshi Maheswaran, Colin Read, Danny O'Sullivan, David Evans, Martyn Ledbury (RAF), Ali Johnson (RAF), David Barnett, Rob Pain, Derek Mellor, Wendy Shute and Helen Stewart.

I have personally battled away over 3 rounds to find myself in the final of the Mens 45s today against No. 3 seed Charles Durham who took out No. 1 seed Steve Jones yesterday. Match is set for 12 noon, so if you're at a loose end and fancy some light entertainment watching me wilt in the sun do come down!

A different experience to my last ITF.  On the clay for one meaning some longer drawn out points and making it harder to attack and get in to the net.  Change of direction tough in these dry conditions, so matches have felt very chess-like and tactical.  Nice to play at 'home' in the sense of familiarity, support and ease of warm-ups and pre and post match, but not so easy to switch in and out of work mode!!

A really thrilling week in adding to our portfolio of events at Halton, and the club has very much been at it's best.

Thanks again Bob and James for your amazing contribution to the event's success.  Today's order of play can be seen here: