Everyballer Emily talks about 'courageous purpose' and what it means to her on court

'We are committed to fight for everyball [perception & reception skills, right place, right time, best contact, beating bouncing of incoming & outgoing balls], to run down everyball [hustle everyball down, make my opponent miss by pressing too hard, let no ball go past me or bounce twice in front of me without very best effort to get to it] and to play everyball with courageous purpose [smart and brave decision making, overcoming our four fatal fears - fear of failure, rejection, being wrong, emotional discomfort].

We see everyball as an opportunity to explore our 'becoming selves' [growth mindset] our curiosity [healthiest place from where all learning begins] and our creativity [going as far as we can using all we've got].

We know that everyball extends beyond our sport as we learn the fundamental life-skills [respect, responsibility, resilience, reflection] that enable us to thrive in an ever-changing world. 

Mike James - Feb 2018