Getting to know you....Natalie Bell

Over the next weeks we'll be getting to know some of our junior players a little better, and start today with Natalie Bell!, aged 12 and current Buckinghamshire 12&U No. 1!

We asked her a few questions and Nat's answers in italics:

Your dream goal?  Win Wimbledon!  

Favourite meal?  Spag Bog

Favourite player?  Jo Konta

Your individual coach and his/her quirkiest habit?  Jemima and always winning!

When you're not playing tennis? Hockey, Trampolining, Volleyball, Badminton 

Favourite/least favourite lesson in school? PE, Music

Your quirkiest habit?  Singing out loud

What makes you such a formidable opponent?  Coming to the net

Footy team? Liverpool