Happy mother's day!

To all Mums out there, happy mother's day and hope you feel appreciated today!

Having just come back from a long family walk with Smithy the dog reminded me how important it is just to take 'time out' from the business and busyness of it all and then picked up this blog from Seth Godin today.


Reminded me of the 4 I's (a process)

Immersion - heavy involvement in a project/piece of work, a course, a training block - whatever

Incubation - 'time out' not thinking or engaging at all about the what you were immersed in, 'leaving it alone'

Insight - gained from leaving something alone and letting in develop (in the unconscious perhaps)

Inspiration - new ideas or a clearer path forward for next steps/new projects/change in direction etc...

Enjoy the rest of the day!