Leadership that encourages risk, mistakes, fail and fail fast - Klopp has got it bang on!

What a stunning couple of night's of football.  Amongst it all, the highlight for me was the corner taken by Trent Alexander-Arnold and particularly how it reflects on Jurgen Klopp's leadership style and the culture in Liverpool's dressing room.

What prompted him to take that instinctive, cheeky, audacious corner without fearing reprimand if he screwed it up?  Surely a leadership style that encourages risk, permission to try to make mistakes - a fail and fail fast mantra with quick re-adjustments and learning.

Klopp has got it spot on as it appears does Pochettino.  I'm not always a great fan of football culture, but gosh the game has delivered something quite amazing this week and what a Champions League final we have in store.