Never let significant moments become defining ones

Sport is full of significant moments.  I was bowled last week on 36 runs, having just got my eye in and scoring well.  It was a significant moment because I was in a great position to influence the outcome of a cricket match which we incidentally lost. I'm still annoyed and kicking myself 4 days later!

I've been supporting our junior competition players this week at the LTA 12/14&U Grade 2 National Tour event held at HaltonUK - not 'Nationals' by the way as many like to refer to these Grade 2 events as.  (The GB Junior National Championships is held in August of each year at Bournemouth and Nottingham respectively).

And here, just as in my cricket match last weekend, there have been some significant moments that have come in the way of wins, losses, come-backs and collapses.  

They are significant in that they mean something.  In that there is something to learn and gain from them.  In that they are a step further towards or away from your current goals.  But let's just leave them at that shall we.

These moments don't define who you are as a human being.

Your self-esteem and self-worth is not determined by them.

Allow this to happen and you lose sight of what sport is all about.

Never let significant moments become defining ones, especially in relation to who you are.