Play more doubles and team tennis to develop a 'team' ethic/mentality

I constantly bang on about the 'life-skill' virtues of tennis.  Even written a book about it.

The 'team ethic' however, is one that can easily become an under-developed life-skill in our youngsters as they pursue their competitive tennis journeys.  The 1:1, individualistic nature of our sport can quickly lead to a 'all about me' mentality where it's all about the player's wants/needs/ambitions.  Not a great quality out in the workplace....or anywhere really.

Doubles and 'team tennis' at least puts the break on this and helps players:

  • put needs and ambitions of the team/organisation ahead of theirs
  • play a 'role' in the team that may be one they wouldn't normally play and one in which they might not be the star
  • encourage and motivate others even after an bad loss themselves
  • lead by example
  • to be prepared to accept a tough decision and support from the bench/sidelines
  • communicate more
  • see the bigger picture
  • take responsibility when the 'time' comes
So some advice for our players.  

Play your County.

Play your Club.

Play for your school.

Enter the 'dubs' whenever you can - put your 'fatigue' and 'what's best for me aside' and learn to be a team player.