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We have had a great response to the Performance Training Camp for this Thursday and Friday (details below) and are looking forward to a great couple of days!  This is a final call for a few remaining places so do get in touch as soon as possible if you would like to attend!

Everyball with Mike James
tag:everyball.net,2013:Post/1313786 2018-08-21T08:39:09Z 2018-08-21T08:39:09Z Strengths and weapons

Using your strengths is a 3 part process:

1.  Set up your strengths

2.  Execute your strengths

3.  Follow up your strengths

Rarely, if ever, is using your strengths a one shot deal.

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tag:everyball.net,2013:Post/1313318 2018-08-19T19:01:34Z 2018-08-19T19:01:34Z Everyball players at GB Junior National Championships this week

Big congratulations on qualification for this years Junior National Championships and the very best of luck to the following competing tomorrow:

12&U Girls - Bournemouth

Millie Day v Skye Bentum-Siripi - Monday 9.30 am

14&U Boys - Nottingham

Miles Groom (8) v Gregor Webster - Monday 10.30 am 

16&U Girls - Nottingham

Sophia Mezzone v Holly Staff (6) 1pm

Boys 16&U - Nottingham

Joel Good v Samuel Macleod - Tuesday 10.00 am

Girls 18&U - Nottingham

Isabelle Marshall (2)  v Camilla Gretchel - Monday 1.30 pm

Sophia Mezzone v Annabel Davis - Tuesday 8.30 am

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tag:everyball.net,2013:Post/1312324 2018-08-16T08:30:41Z 2018-08-16T08:32:39Z Driving into the future looking into the rearview mirror

It's natural.  We make decisions and choices about our future based on what's happened to us in the past.  But sometimes, we need to challenge whether those decisions and choices are rational and relevant.

'I've never beaten this guy, unlikely that I'll beat him today....'


'I've never beaten this guy, but today, with the work and improvements I've made recently, I'm giving myself every chance of winning this match'

Then go apply this to life and challenge every decision you make about your future to check if it's rooted in some past experience that's gonna limit the amount of living you do now.

Everyball with Mike James
tag:everyball.net,2013:Post/1311937 2018-08-15T12:04:54Z 2018-08-15T12:04:55Z Mike and Beth lead Junior Performance Training Camps 23-24th August - book now!

For competitive junior tennis players, this will be a transformational two days of high intensity performance training designed to prepare players for upcoming County Closed events, clean your game after a summer of competition, and ready yourself for the upcoming autumn season whilst learning drills from the tour to take your game to the next level.

Led by Mike James (LTA Level 5 Master Performance Coach) and Beth Grey (WTA 449 singles and 217 Doubles) the day will include pro-style performance preparation, intensive drilling, speed and conditioning, mental training, and matchplay.

Lunch is provided within the £50.00/day cost.  

Time: 8.30-4.00pm daily.

Venue: Halton Tennis Centre

For more information and booking, please contact Mike James via email at mikejames@everyball.net 

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tag:everyball.net,2013:Post/1311934 2018-08-15T05:49:12Z 2018-08-15T05:52:42Z Quote of the day

'You win or you learn, but you never lose' - Sloane Stephens

Everyball with Mike James
tag:everyball.net,2013:Post/1311294 2018-08-12T10:47:13Z 2018-08-12T10:51:29Z Two problems...

Problem number 1 is erroneously believing you deserve it.

'It' being:

  • that ranking
  • winning that match or getting that far
  • selection for that team, squad, programme, school, institution
  • that life, experience, opportunity

This is a problem because you have not worked hard or smart enough to 'earn it' and you like the idea of it but are not prepared to really commit with the right attitude and energy to the goal.  Or, you've constantly been told how good, talented, smart you are, but actually don't have the evidence to back it up and 'it' is seen an entitlement.

Problem number 2 is not believing your deserve it.

This is a problem because you are working your socks off and all the evidence points to the fact that you do deserve it but either background, self-belief or attitudes from you or those around you that say, 'that's only for the exclusive group'.  If this is you, just ask yourself the question, 'if not you, who?  If not now, when?'

Intellectual property/credit & inspiration for this blog taken from Seth Godin's blog, The two 'Harvard problems' https://seths.blog/2018/08/the-two-harvard-problems/http://

Everyball with Mike James
tag:everyball.net,2013:Post/1301863 2018-07-10T19:47:06Z 2018-07-11T06:10:06Z Halton Tennis Centre & Everyball Tennis named as one of GB's 50 Local Player Development Centres today

The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) today named 50 tennis centres across the country that will act as Local Player Development Centres (LPDCs), marking the next milestone in the development of the new ten-year Performance Strategy for tennis in Britain.

We are delighted to announce that HaltonUK & Everyball Tennis have been invited to contribute to the new Performance Strategy in this capacity and we look forward to partnering the LTA in our ongoing work developing young, local talent in our area.

For further information on the new Performance Strategy and today's announcement by the LTA please see this link https://www.lta.org.uk/news/general-news/2018/july/lta-announces-50-local-player-development-centres/http://

Congratulations to the entire Everyball/HaltonUK team who have made this possible.

Everyball with Mike James
tag:everyball.net,2013:Post/1299785 2018-07-04T15:27:35Z 2018-07-04T15:27:35Z Some super pictures of Katy Dunne playing on Centre Court at Wimbledon yesterday

Thanks to Chris Duffin for these fantastic pictures of Katy playing on Wimbledon's centre court yesterday.


Everyball with Mike James
tag:everyball.net,2013:Post/1299708 2018-07-04T07:40:20Z 2018-07-04T07:40:20Z A really rather special day at SW19

She entered the stage like she belonged and then played like she belonged with a joy, freedom, smile and grit that we grew so accustomed to over the years in our journey with Katy at Halton and to see it manifest itself on the biggest stage in the world yesterday was really rather special.

Not only was it an absolute privilege to be invited up by Katy to support her on the day, it was beyond my wildest expectations that she'd play her first round main draw Wimbledon match against 12th seed Jelena Ostapenko on Centre Court.

To be there in her box alongside her parents, friends and coaching team from @GoslingTennis who have done such a fine job with her over the last 18 months or so was the fruition of a dream that began 11 years ago when she first rocked up at Halton as a 12 year old.

Thank you Katy for the superb experience yesterday and wishing you and Harriet all the very best in the doubles!

Everyball with Mike James
tag:everyball.net,2013:Post/1295955 2018-06-21T14:50:04Z 2018-06-21T14:50:04Z Optimal Competition Parent workshop this evening.....still time to come along!

Looking forward to delivering this workshop on behalf of LTA this evening at Halton.  Although official registration is closed, no problem to still come along. Text Mike James to advise on 07958 008312.

6.30pm - 9.00pm, Halton Tennis Centre, HP22 5PD

Everyball with Mike James
tag:everyball.net,2013:Post/1295858 2018-06-21T08:15:49Z 2018-06-22T08:18:52Z Katy Dunne receives wild card into Wimbledon singles Main Draw - 'Keep the dream alive' is realised! Just over 10 years ago, we took on at Everyball Tennis & HaltonUK a promising young 12 year old Katy Dunne from Batchwood Tennis Centre where her then coaches had done a great job on setting her on a journey towards becoming a professional tennis player.

By 14 years old Katy was ranked inside the top 10 in Europe and in order to travel and train more she left school and with the superb support of her parents embarked on a full-time programme of tennis and education with us at Halton.

In order to further support Katy on her travels alongside the LTA High Performance programme (Katy also spent time at the National Tennis Centre under coach Jane O'Donaghue) we developed a (still ongoing) scheme called, 'Keep the dream alive' (KTDA) - the dream being to see an Everyball trained player compete in the Main Draw of Wimbledon (or indeed another grand slam).  Through this scheme, led by Alec Clapperton, Halton adult members contribute into a monthly fund that contributes to the overall investment that Halton makes to support our up and coming junior players.

By 18 years old, and with the help of our own Pete Thorne (now coaching in Sydney, Australia but still in close contact) who travelled extensively with Katy in those last couple of years of her junior career, Katy had broken into the worlds top 10 ITF junior world rankings.

Since that time, Katy has worked and travelled tirelessly on the women's ITF circuit, recently breaking into the world top 200.  Over the last couple of years she has been based at Gosling Tennis Centre under the watchful eye of coach Richard Hawkes who has done a superb job in bringing Katy on in this critical phase of her career.

Yesterday, Hertfordshire's Katy Dunne (turned 23 in Feb) was delighted to hear that, on the basis of her progress of late, has received a wild-card into the Main Draw Singles of Wimbledon and all of us at Everyball and Halton would like to say a massive 'well done' to you Katy and we'll be backing you all the way in a couple of weeks time when you take to the courts for your maiden Grand Slam singles event.  This is only the beginning for you!!

A massive thanks to all those original members of KTDA who contributed to making this possible.

See Katy training here at Halton back in 2011!

Everyball with Mike James
tag:everyball.net,2013:Post/1295521 2018-06-19T14:54:08Z 2018-06-19T14:54:08Z Optimal Competition Parenting Workshop - Thursday 21st June 6.30-9.00pm at Halton Tennis Centre

Are you a parent to a competitive tennis player?  Would you like to learn more about how best to help and support your child during competition or have you been at it for years and think you've got it sorted??!!  

Attending this fantastic course developed by the LTA and Loughborough University may shed some light on how to most effectively help your child during competition, and even the most battle hardened parent can pick up something new with the fantastic material presented and the discussions that result.  

This course is being delivered across the country by a trained panel of tutors, so don't miss this one on your doorstep here at HaltonUK (Halton Tennis Centre, HP22 5PD)  (Suitable distance for Bucks, Herts, Beds, Oxon).

Not too late to book, and even The Times today had parenting on the front page!!

Course tutor for this course: Mike James

Everyball with Mike James
tag:everyball.net,2013:Post/1295335 2018-06-18T16:06:47Z 2018-06-18T16:06:47Z Parents play too!

As part of a new Everyball/HaltonUK scheme, parents of our mini tennis players had an opportunity to play themselves this past weekend  whilst their children attended their regular Saturday morning coaching session.

The objectives of this 'parent play' scheme are to:

  • Introduce or re-introduce parents to our fantastic sport through the game of mini tennis - it's easy to play, social and great exercise!
  • Coach parents using the same language, techniques and philosophy that we apply to their children, thus equipping parents to play with their kids more often, and at the right moments, to be able to offer some basic reminders and tips that will speed up the learning process and help our minis progress a little quicker!

If, as a parent/carer of one of our Mini Tennis Red players, you missed this session, don't worry and we'll see you next week 9am for another go! (We'll be rolling this out every Saturday for the rest of term, so look forward to seeing you on court!)

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tag:everyball.net,2013:Post/1293919 2018-06-14T10:55:59Z 2018-06-14T10:55:59Z Greetings from Manchester 100K (Fusion 100 Manchester Trophy)

Greetings from Manchester where Everyball and PROv3 player Beth Grey takes on Tunisia's Ons Jabeur (WTA 180), second on court 1.  Beth then teams up later with Olivia Nicholls (Loughborough Tennis) to take on 3rd seeds Jamie Loeb (US) and An-Sophie Mestach (BEL).

Conditions a little breezy to say the least but rain looks to be staying away, and the grass courts here at The Northern Tennis Club are in great shape.

Beth warming up this morning and also pictured below with Olivia after yesterday's doubles victory.

Conditions a little breezy to say the least but rain looks to be staying away, and the grass courts here at The Northern Tennis Club are in great shape.

Beth warming up this morning and also pictured below with Olivia after yesterday's doubles victory.

Everyball with Mike James
tag:everyball.net,2013:Post/1293243 2018-06-12T08:52:33Z 2018-06-12T09:01:13Z Want some more juice on your forehand?

Everyball's Sophia Mezzone demonstrates her killer forehand in training yesterday.  Notice how she sets up with great load through the legs and upper body turn/coil, ready to explode into the shot.

'In groundstrokes, the back leg and hip, to a greater (square stance) or lesser (open stance) degree, are the first part of the kinetic chain.  They begin trunk rotation and drive the trunk upward and forward.  This enables the trunk and then the arm to build racket speed...The trunk of the body links the legs and the racket arm, and has an important role to play in transferring energy from the slower-moving yet large legs to the faster-moving yet smaller upper limbs.' (Elliott/Reid from 'Tennis Science')

Rotation as we know is key to developing power, but notice also how well Sophia combines her body segments and uses the forward movement of her hitting shoulder through impact.  Her head also stays beautifully still providing great stability through the shot.

Great work Sophia in learning to bring more control to your fearsome forehand!

Everyball with Mike James
tag:everyball.net,2013:Post/1291582 2018-06-11T09:52:05Z 2018-06-11T12:11:16Z The least practiced and paid attention to aspect of the serve?

It's one of the great contradictions of our sport that arguably the most important stroke, that is also the most easily practiced (just you and a basket of balls), is often the most ignored.  

And more often than not, the efficiency and effectiveness of the serve hinges so often around the contact point area and therefore the ball toss, or ball placement ('toss' conjures up images of a jerky throw, whilst placement suggests something more precise, smoother and controlled).

There are 3 aspects of contact point that relate directly to the location/accuracy of ball toss as shown in this video of world number 67 Taylor Fritz delivering a second serve at the Surbiton 100K last week.


1.  Height

Typically most top players contact the ball on the fall (ie: as it's dropping from the apex of the ball placement) so the ball requires a placement high enough to enable this.  Taylor has a relatively low ball toss, but a careful look shows he still makes contact on the fall.

2.  Distance front to back

Contact ideally should be made inside the baseline for both 1st and 2nd serves, though to facilitate more spin a second serve ball toss will be placed further back to encourage more vertical path of the racket (for a top/slice spin).

3.  Distance side to side 

A tricky one.  12 noon (in line with heel of front foot) to 1pm would be considered within a range of acceptability.  Ideally, you are looking for a contact point that enables 'shoulder over shoulder' (cartwheel rotation) rather than shoulder around shoulder as this creates more vertical velocity through the hips, a higher contact point, and promotes greater internal rotation of the hitting shoulder (this action contributes to 40% to the generation of racket velocity at impact in the male high-performance serve).  [Bruce Elliott & Machar Reid, 'Tennis Science']

Elliott and Red however, are keen to point out that 'coaches of young players alike must be careful to appropriately time when they emphasise the importance of internal rotation in the service action.  For example, research has observed that increases in internal rotation velocity occur primarily after puberty.  Therefore, young players should attend to other aspects of the service action and lay the foundations for appropriate internal rotation velocity development prior to puberty, so that they can most effectively use this aspect of the serve when they mature.'

A couple of photos below showing a slight contrast in body position at contact of Fritz to a younger, physically developing 14 year old (albeit it different angles)

Finally, a few keys for an accurate ball placement:

  • A smooth rhythmical service action is helpful, especially when score-board pressure and muscular tension come into the equation
  • Release at eye level
  • Straight arm and lift from the shoulder
  • Imagine holding on to a tube of balls or a plastic cup/ice-cream cone to limit last second wrist flick which can send the ball anywhere!

Above all, have fun getting out there and practicing your serve - no hitting partner required!


Everyball with Mike James
tag:everyball.net,2013:Post/1290937 2018-06-05T09:08:25Z 2018-06-05T12:03:21Z Beth and Olivia take on top seeds at Surbiton 100K today after wild-card reward

Everyball and PROv3 Beth Grey and partner Olivia Nichollls (Loughborough Tennis) have been awarded a wild-card into the 100K Women's ITF event at Surbiton today, taking on top seeds Laura Robson and Monique Adamczak (not before 2pm centre court).

Best of luck Beth and Olivia!!

Beth is no currently ranked WTA 550 in singles and 236 in doubles.

See her ranking progress over the last few years below.  Great strides this year so far Beth, keep up the great work!

Everyball with Mike James
tag:everyball.net,2013:Post/1290929 2018-06-05T08:37:34Z 2018-06-05T08:37:35Z Width of your base foundation for great movement and strokes

An old colleague of mine always used to say: 'You can't fire a canon from a canoe!'

How very true this is.  A good wide base is the foundation for explosive movement and great stroke stroke production.

Look at Eugenie Bouchard (you may remember at Wimbledon 2014 she became the first Canadian-born player to reach the finals of a Grand Slam in singles, finishing runner-up to Petra Kvitova) hit a few balls here.

Pay particular attention to the width of her base as she executes her split step as her hitting partner is striking the ball.  (Video courtesy of Everyballer Amelie Brooks who is currently out competing at the Moratoglou Academy and was able to watch Bouchard training).

Something we can all seek to emulate, whatever level we play at!

Everyball with Mike James
tag:everyball.net,2013:Post/1290256 2018-06-03T08:34:27Z 2018-06-03T21:42:21Z Singles & Doubles titles for Joel Good at Chesham Bois Grade 3

Joel Good showcased his improving game with a brace of titles this week at the Chesham Bois LTA Grade 3 tournament this week.

In the Open Mens Singles final against fellow Everyballer and AGS student Dan Dean, Joel came through 7-6, 6-4 and then teamed up with Ben Smith (also of Halton/Everyball & Eton) to win the 18&U Boys doubles.  (See Ben and Joel pictured below)

Well done also to Calum Fairey in reaching the final of the 14&U boys event and for Calum Fairey and Josh Bright getting to the 14&U Boys doubles final.

Congrats to each Everyball player in the event with all competing well and many making good progress within their respective events.  

Everyball with Mike James
tag:everyball.net,2013:Post/1289227 2018-05-30T19:57:20Z 2018-05-30T20:40:29Z Everyball's Josh Oakley moves into 1/4 finals of 12&U Grade 2 at Halton

Convincing wins today over Taymur Muhammed (6-0 6-0) and Joseph Mazingham (6-1 6-2) saw Josh Oakley move into the 1/4 finals of Halton's Everyball Grade 2 LTA 12&U event tomorrow.  Great in-between point towel work through both matches Josh, ensuring you are 100% ready to fight for the next point.  

Well done also to Amelie Brooks, Millie Day and Fraser Reeves for your performances today in the same event - lots of learning from matches at this level and all the best in the consolation event.

Miles Groom came up against top seed Louis Maxted in the first round of the 16&U Grade 2 event at Gosling losing by a scoreline that did not reflect the closeness of the match, and Sophia Mezzone went down fighting to the 7th seed Andrea Pineda.

Elsewhere, Everyball has had strong representation at the Chesham Bois Grade 3 event this week - well done all players so far and all the best to the players competing there tomorrow:

Ashton Taank, Jack Feinson, Ben Spencer-Jones, Alexander Pennycooke, Calum Fairey, Joshua Bright, Daniel Mccay-Brown, Emily Ineson, Oliver Mccay-Brown, Joel Good, Ben Smith, Daniel Dean. Finn Lester

Everyball with Mike James
tag:everyball.net,2013:Post/1288871 2018-05-29T20:41:09Z 2018-05-29T20:41:10Z Everyball's Miles Groom partners with Bolton's Billy Blaydes to take Grade 2 doubles title

Well done to Miles Groom and partner Billy Blaydes as they overcame Roan Jones and James Vincent in the finals of the Everyball Grade 2 14&U event at HaltonUK today 4-6, 6-2, (10-4)

Superb job Miles and Billy!

Everyball with Mike James
tag:everyball.net,2013:Post/1283677 2018-05-15T09:24:18Z 2018-05-15T09:24:18Z Grit, resilience, determination to keep the dream of tennis supremacy alive! Check this out from a true Everyballer!

A delightful email this morning from one of my adult clients:

Went to the physio on Monday and got some interesting feedback:
  • Have a rotator cuff injury that has been there for a while which is increasing load on my elbow, forearm and wrists
  • Have tennis elbow
  • Have three pieces of metal left in my elbow one of which looks like a scalpel head  
So I have started rotator cuff exercises which apparently can only take 18 months to work!!  In addition, I guess I'll have to take a little further interest in my medical records.
The work we have been doing on the FH should support the exercises, as more of the load is being taken up by better mechanics

My plans for tennis supremacy by the age of 65 is still firmly on track!

A true Everyballer!!
Everyball with Mike James
tag:everyball.net,2013:Post/1282353 2018-05-11T07:18:42Z 2018-05-11T07:18:42Z Beth and Oliva move into another women's ITF 25K doubles final!

All the very best for today's final ladies!

Everyball with Mike James
tag:everyball.net,2013:Post/1281681 2018-05-09T06:38:45Z 2018-05-09T06:38:45Z Halton excel in National Premier League of Doubles 2018
Halton have had an excellent first year in the National Premier League of doubles where winners of each region go through to a finals with 16 teams from all over the UK competing.

Over the year, the Halton team consisted of Roy Knight, Gavin McKinlay, Ed Taylor, Alex Barnes, Christian Colvin, Oscar Glenister and Calum McKinlay with Roy, Gavin, Alex and Ed making up the team for the national finals.

This year's standard was very high high, Marcus Willis played for the winning team, Jonny Marray played last year and Ed and Alex coming up against Dan Cox!

In the finals (qualifying through a regional play-off) Halton drew 2-2 with Thongsbridge, with Roy and Ed narrowly losing in a tiebreak shootout.  However Roy and Ed came back to win a shootout against Lincoln and had Lincoln won their shootout against Thongsbridge, Halton would have gone through on a count-back but Thongsbridge came through in the end.

It was a superb effort for the boys to come so close in our first year in the competition.

A special mention to Roy and Gavin who came through the whole competition with a 100% record (pictured below)

Everyball with Mike James
tag:everyball.net,2013:Post/1281525 2018-05-08T10:34:03Z 2018-05-08T10:34:03Z Is being consistently good, good enough?

There is something about aiming for consistently good that strikes a cord with me this week.

Some may say boring, dull, low risk, un-exciting.

But I say there is something powerful even honourable and that endeavour.  Day in, day out to be consistently good in all we do; our relationships, our work, our training, our studies, our general operating standards, and our performances.

And not only that, but consistently good over time.  This is really important, as the values of 'staying in' and 'sticking at it' in this 'insta' world are gradually being eroded.  The longer we are consistently good, ever-present, doing the job, the more impact we can have on others and the world around us.

And when we are consistently good, there will be days of brilliance, of insight, of innovation of high drama and excellence but finding a baseline of consistently good is, in of itself, not a bad aim.

Everyball with Mike James
tag:everyball.net,2013:Post/1281499 2018-05-08T06:29:15Z 2018-05-08T08:10:26Z Everyball's Head of Athlete Development Dom King part of The Tennis Summit 2018!!
Everyball Tennis's own Head of Athlete Development, Dom King, was recently part of The Tennis Summit 2018, the World's Biggest Online Tennis Conference

The Summit ran from April 25-30 and featured many great presentations. Dom's presentation,was titled 'Developing Rotational Power'.

The Tennis Summit brought together over 30 world­ class coaches and experts, including:
Paul Annacone, Gigi Fernandez, Craig O’Shannessy, Jeff Salzenstein, Dr. Mark Kovacs, Ian Westermann, Allistair McCaw, Peter Freeman, Emma Doyle, Feisal Hassan, Satoshi Ochi, Dean Hollingworth, Kris Soutar and of course, Dom and many more.

These top coaches and experts had never been together at one event before! It is estimated that close to 10,000 tennis enthusiasts from across the world signed up!

Although the free access to the presentations has passed, The All Access Pass to the Summit is still available to buy, but will be taken down very soon so you'll need to be quick!
This will give you access to all the recordings for you to watch anytime. Please see the link below for more information.


Everyball with Mike James
tag:everyball.net,2013:Post/1279878 2018-05-03T06:36:36Z 2018-05-03T06:36:36Z Aylesbury Grammar School tennis success powered by Everyball players

A fantastic result in the 2nd Round of The Senior National Tennis away at Watford Boys School on Tuesday with AGS coming away with a 10/2 victory. 

Daniel Dean won 6/0 2/0 40/15 retired against Ali Habib who is an internationally ranked junior.

Joel Good played extremely well to beat Tom Watts 6/0 6/0. Joel made very few mistakes and was just too good for his older opponent.

James Weller carrying a shoulder injury and forced to serve under arm beat Patrick Evans 6/3 6/2 a great result in difficult circumstances

DJ Mentiply (Yr 8) playing his first Senior match at AGS found Dhillon Dodhia just too strong at No 4 and lost 1/6 2/6 but a great effort for DJ.

In the doubles Dean/Good beat Habib/Watts 6/3 6/2 and Watford then conceded the second doubles with Weller/Chintamreddy playing Evans/Dodhia.

Great job AGS and Everyball!


Everyball with Mike James
tag:everyball.net,2013:Post/1279153 2018-05-01T15:54:09Z 2018-05-01T15:54:09Z Mission impossible!!

Great fun in squad last night bringing out these 3 beliefs:

  1. No ball bounces twice!
  2. No ball gets past you!
  3. You touch it you make it!

Everyball with Mike James
tag:everyball.net,2013:Post/1277445 2018-04-27T06:40:44Z 2018-04-27T09:00:22Z Beth moves into quarter-finals of Obidos 25K in Portugal

Great work by proV3 http://everyball.net/halton-tennis-centre-halton-uk-and-everyball-tennis-launch-prov3http://  and Everyball player Beth Grey as she marches into quarter finals of the Obidos 25K ITF Women's event in Portugal today.  She'll play fellow Brit Katie Swan (315) in a bid to push on into the semis.

All the best to Beth today.  First on at 12.30pm.

Everyball with Mike James