Drive out fear in your organisation

Fear is a powerful management tool often linked to dictatorial coaching styles.  Both can offer speedy, short-term results.

Far better though to develop self-regulation and autonomy as hall-marks of your organisational culture.  Takes more time and effort over a 'do this or else' approach where control by those in power is the dominant leadership strategy, but where relationships break-down, trust is never built and individuals don't grow.

See this interesting link on British cycling.

How many of these winners are 1 in 10 no option 's**t or bust'???

Worth studying how all these points end.  How many of these winners are hit because there is no option of recovery to suffer a little more to regain a neutral or better position in the point?  Fun to watch anyway!

Do our juniors in GB pull the trigger too soon??  How can we teach the ability to suffer in defence a little longer to eventually gain parity in the point once more?

Assumptions make an ass out of you and me!

Made the fatal assumption today that athletes 'know' why the coach chooses a particular training method. Why 'basket drill' for example?:

To provide greater volume/repetition
To increase intensity by controlling time 
To increase capacity of player to add pace from dead ball situation
To be in close proximity to player to communicate more easily/effectively
To nail down a particular game situation - freeze frame the video 

Having explained the purpose behind basket work to a player today, whilst not overly enjoying this aspect of training, he saw reason for it and bought in with greater commitment!

Beth Grey joins Everyball Tennis Academy at Halton

Extending a very warm welcome to Beth Grey who joins The Everyball Tennis Academy, Halton UK.

21 year old Beth, currently world ranked 754 from New Brighton, Wirral is the 17th ranked female tennis player in Great Britain. 

We look forward to working with Beth and providing her with the base and support she'll require to continue her rise up the WTA rankings.

Welcome Beth!

The 5 'sounds' of effort that add to creating an on-court high performance environment

1.  The sound of physical exertion when hustling a ball down and/or exhaling on contact
2.  The sound of clean hitting (tells us about the athletes mental and physical focus)
3.  The squeaking or shuffling sound of feet around the ball
4.  The verbal sounds of player to player encouragement
5.  The coaches adding their 'tions - a motivational comment, a question, a direction, a condition to a drill, an intervention/suggestion, or simply an observation!