Ready position for the volley

A great ready position shown off here by our own Dean Kelleher during finals of men's doubles club champs last weekend.

Nice balanced, wide base, relaxed arms and shoulders with hands relatively close to the body to gain quick access to them. Continental/chopper grip for enhanced control and increased options.

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HVLTC club champs

Well done all competitors who took part in this years Adult club champs. 24 finals held on Saturday, some new champions and some perennial winners continuing their run of success. Over 80% match completion rate over the event and over 150 matches played!

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Everyball Tennis, Halton UK teams excel to get to Team Aegon National Finals

As a measure of the health of Everyball Tennis, Halton UK it has been some achievement to have BOTH our Mens and Ladies Team Aegon teams reach the National Finals in Bournemouth this weekend.

A combination of our coaches, junior performance players, and returning University students have put their best out on court all summer long and have been rewarded by a trip to the finals.

Whilst not winning through, matches were well fought and very close bearing in mind the opposition, and a couple of stand-out individual wins should not overshadow the fantastic team effort this year.

Congratulations to all involved!!

Winning and losing

There are only two possible outcomes to a match.  You win or you lose.

Being able to live with this and the consequences of both is absolutely essential to moving forwards.

Moving forwards is then a choice.  

A choice invites a decision.

A decision encourages ownership.

With ownership comes responsibility.

Responsibility, or the ability to respond, brings a scenario where success is possible.  Not guaranteed, but possible.

Crack on.

Great work Josh Bright and doubles sisters Holly & Scarlett

Well done Josh Bright on your Yonex Open Grade 3 win in the U12 singles on Saturday. Great to get a G3 win on the board this summer after reaching two finals at Great Missenden and Letchworth respectively.  

Keep up the great work, persistence pays off!

Josh pictured below with opponent Matthew Bates who he beat 6-4 6-3

Also, fab job to the Hutchinson sisters who are tearing up on the doubles court with 2 18&U G3 wins!!  A great way for Holly to sign of pairing up with sister Scarlett before going off to play U.S College tennis later this month.