Raonic volley - 3 different volleys, 3 different feelings - skills versus models

Check out Milos Raonic working on his volley on the practice courts at Wimbledon yesterday.

He clearly demonstrates 3 different shot 'feelings' as he progresses forwards towards the net.

A 'through the ball' feeling on the first approach volley where there is a pretty even split between his forward swing pre-contact and post-contact.  

A 'punch/hit' feeling on the second volley where there is more swing and speed in the racket pre-contact.

And then a 'touch' feeling on the final volley where there is no backswing at all (hand just stays in front) and the racket actually goes back on contact as he takes pace off the ball.

A great example of how important it is to teach skills over models - ie; when the technique depends on what we want to do before doing it.  For every ball that's different and our differing intentions the technique needs to adapt with regard to racket-work, bodywork and footwork.