Sean Dyche on 'earthiness'

Excellent article written by Oliver Kay on Burnley manager Sean Dyche in The Times yesterday.  A few quotes:

'We're good at the truth,' he says.  'We're good at being honest with players in the work we do.  They get honesty about themselves, about the team, about the good and bad of what might be happening to them and about reinforcing that environment, building and maintaining a culture where people want to play, want to work and want to enjoy what goes on.'

'A strong work ethic, passion, pride, care, attention, honesty, respect,' she says.  These are the bedrock and then, on top of that, you apply all the modern thinking - the sports science, the analysis, the data, the GPS and so on.  We try and do as many modern-thinking things as we can while not losing sight of the values - the old-fashioned values, as I call them, but nowadays, in a society where the fabric is sometimes at full-stretch, on and off the pitch, those values are more important than ever.'

'It feels like the demand for glossiness is higher than the demand for earthiness - and the earthiness, if we all cast our minds back, is about going to see your local team, wishing you were out there, seeing those lads giving everything for the badge.'