Serve and backhand attack - from Radwanska v Bacsinszky 8th July - Centre court

A few nice pointers here from Timea Bacsinszky in her match against Agnieszka Radwanska on Saturday.


  • well coordinated rhythmical use of arms - 'left arm up, right arm back' separation
  • arrives at the pre-throw position as ball is at the apex of the toss
  • when racket in fully cocked (dropped position) legs are at full extension.  Note at this point hips are still 'side-on'
  • Strong leg/hip drive 'up' with bend forward of upper body to contact
  • the throwing action is finished whilst she is still air-born but due to her elevation she does not land so far inside court
  • strong 'arabesque' position on landing
  • quick recovery in preparation for ball 3


  • early turn of shoulders to prepare racket to 'beat the bounce of the incoming ball' 
  • great 'loading' position - note how weight is stored on back foot before front foot hits the court; this will enable her to drive out of the back leg and transfer weight and racket speed into the shot
  • turn of the back knee towards the net fires her hip and enables upper body to rotate through towards contact
  • excellent head position, chin over right shoulder, level and still
  • from a high cocked position, racket is successfully dropped below contact point to add topspin to the shot
  • contact beautifully out in front of body, waist high and to the side, with a stable base (you can't fire a cannon from a canoe!!)
  • great racket extension out towards target area followed by full follow through to complete body rotation

No wonder this combination of serve and backhand attack produced an error from her opponent.