Shot selection - picking forbidden fruit!

Here's today's Sunday Service:

God commanded the Man, 'You can eat from any tree in the garden, except the Tree-of-knowledge-of-Good-and-Evil. Don't eat from it. The moment you eat from that tree, you're dead.' (The Message)

We've talked a lot this week about being honest players, especially with respect to shot selection and overcoming that temptation to play the spectacular and in playing and missing to justify ourselves by saying 'I went for it!'.

An honest 'change of direction' on the appropriate ball shows an mentality of being comfortable with the ball in play rather than bailing out and trying to rid yourself of the problem. We talk about top footballers being comfortable with the ball at their feet - we need to be comfortable with the ball on our strings!

The forbidden fruit is there in the shape of a fuzzy yellow ball travelling towards us whispering 'pick me, pick me'!

RESIST, stay firm and hold your ground against the tempter!

Good luck to all players competing this next week and have a great half term.