Sustainability in Sport - could 2017 be the year we make a real difference to the environment in our sports clubs/organisations and governing bodies?

Dear friends,

Through CHILDS (The Chiltern Institute of Learning, Development and Sport - one of our sister organisations at Halton UK) we are working alongside Karl Walker and Tom Old at Clean Energy UK on developing Sustainability in Sport and hope that this is something you'd be very interested in!

To raise awareness on the subject and what organisations can do to 'make a real difference' CHILDS is hosting a talk with Karl and Tom on Wednesday 1st February, 2017 at Halton and we would be delighted to invite you to attend.  

The link for more information and to register for the talk is here:

and I add some further information for you below as well as a couple of slide decks.

My kindest regards and best wishes to you all for a fantastic sporting year, and one in which we might just be able to make that 'extra' difference to our communities and world.


Clean Energy UK (CEUK) 
is a purpose driven business started by a team of people who are passionate about safeguarding our future.

CEUK’s mission is to help drive change in the UK energy markets by encouraging the uptake of clean, renewable energy and by providing businesses and organisations with the education, support and expertise, to become more energy efficient. Our aim is to demonstrate to businesses they can save money while lowering their carbon footprint at the same time. 

Our domestic renewable energy switching platform, The Big Clean Switch went live recently and is a national campaign, working in partnership with Here Now, who are funded by the IKEA Foundation. The Big Clean Switch platform is tailored specifically for each project partner including Unilever, Aviva, Deloitte, Tearfund, Greenpeace and other NGOs and corporates. 

Each of our partners generate a revenue share from the process of either employees, members or customers switching their households to renewable energy.

Example partner site in beta testing stage: 

Live site: 

Attached is a CEUK slide deck which sets out our offering in the commercial sector:
  • Our Mission & Purpose
  • The Process of Switching
  • Why use CEUK
  • The Benefits for Business
  • Our Services
  • The Team
  • Case Studies.
For CEUK our services are predominantly twofold:

1. Energy Brokering & Procurement
2. Energy Consultancy & Advisory Services