The confidence walk - the power of body language!

The power of body language - how we carry and hold ourselves - is immense in influencing how we then feel and behave!

See this fantastic example from everyballer Amelie Brooks out in Braga, Portugal today where she won her first round TE 12&U match.

Confidence (not arrogance) oozing from her.  Shoulders back, head up, strong gaze down the court as if to say, 'I own this stage'.  Position of the racket head is key - up and in the left hand (non-dominant for Amelie).  Got a bit of swagger going there Amelie, love it!!

Also big congrats to Jasmine Conway who has qualified through to main draw of a category 1, 14&U TE event in Portugal and went on to win her first round match today.  Great job Jasmine and keep going!