The 'Everyball' 80 ball drill

See here the 'Everyball' 80 ball drill with Mike and Miles.

Player initiates each set of 8 balls with a serve.  Coach then feeds a 'neutral' (no spin, slow-medium speed) ball side to side into outside third of player's court.  Player has to play cross-court into outside third with a rising ball over baseline or deep side-line.  Player aims to recover in 20 seconds ready for next set.

10 sets of  8 balls. 

Miles scores 51/80 or 63% rising balls, 30 on FH, 21 on BH.  Serving percentage 40%, average time between points 26.44 seconds.   A great drill for establishing a baseline competency/current position and setting some improvement goals for the future. 

Video shows set 5 of 10 for Miles.  8/8 rising balls, great job!

Key factors for the coach:

  1. Neutral ball feed encourages player to generate own pace with full body mechanics, work hard with feet behind ball and find appropriate trajectory (speed, spin, height) to achieve aim of rising ball over baseline/deep side-line
  2. Timing of feed to replicate that of opponent's contact point
  3. Tough to gain all information above so either video and chart later or have a buddy to help 
  4.  Drill can be easily adapted to squad situation - hit 8, pick up 8 and ready to go again.  Total rising balls achieved by a squad in 5 minutes (roughly 300 balls fed).  Our Academy record this week was 190, achieved by 12 players over 3 courts.