The fight to enter your opponent's head

When two evenly matched players take to the court/field of play, the fight is all about how you can enter your opponent's head and prevent them from entering yours, all with the view of taking the psychological edge on the day.

Fascinating to see this at the Australian Open.  Did Serena beat Konta on this alone, or did 'tennis' play it's part?  Fascinating now to see the run in to the finals.  The likely winners will be those who manage to get into their opponent's heads!!

How do you do this?

Body language, body language, body language!!  You've got to 'show' your fight, your resilience, your determination on the day not to falter or give in by coming back again and again with your very best effort.  The top players are experts at reading their opponent's body language - like chess players, studying each other for little signs of weakness, fatigue and self-doubt.

Your opponent's disposition is not a mystery without any clues.  Study them hard whilst giving nothing away yourself!