Top 10 fine-able offences on the doubles court as agreed by the RAF Mens A squad

From RAF Mens 'A' Team training last week, here are our top 10 fine-able offences on the doubles court:

1.  Lack of communication between points, not having a plan

2.  Failure to close down the net on a kill opportunity

3.  Passive team movement - playing safe/not to lose

4.  Playing the 'blame game' - courts, umpires, opponents, conditions, etc

5.  Getting passed through the middle

6.  Failure to make opposition 'play' on break points, especially off 2nd serve return

7.  Hollywood hitting - going for the low % spectacular shot

8.  2+ doubles faults per game

9.  Backing off the net in any situation other than defence

10.  Lack of energy! (especially getting out of the chair at change of ends)!

Any advances on these??