Use B.R.E.A.D in your match warm-ups

I came up with this little checklist to run through in your hitting warm-up this past week.  What do you think?  Could be specially useful in a match warm-up to help focus your mind and body in the right areas.

Breathe out on contact.  This will help your timing as well help you feel more Relaxed.  Rid yourself of any muscle tension, especially in arms and shoulders.  Then begin to bring some more Energy to the feet, whilst you check your Attitude for any unhelpful or irrational thinking.  Finally, begin to focus more now on your ball outcome by hitting with increased Depth.  






You may want to add a second 'D' for Detective at this point (thanks Jemima King for this one!).  Are there any hints or clues you might be picking up from your opponent as to their physical and mental condition, strengths and weaknesses?  My recommendation is not to get too bogged down with this.  I've warmed up against guys who look amazing in the warm-up and turn out average in the match and visa-versa, but always good to focus a little attention to what your opponent is bringing to the match-court.

Warm-up with B.R.E.A.D to get you into the zone, whether for a match or training session.  It will only take you 2-3 minutes but could be a useful addition to the tool-kit.