Want to get into the performance zone more often....?!!

Then perhaps it's time to explore this with Mike James - certified HeartMath Sports Professional and NLP Sports Psychology Practitioner as well as an LTA Master Performance Tennis Coach.

Athletes have long talked about 'getting into the Zone'. We know we play better when we are there and we want to be there more often. But what the Zone actually is has been hard to pin down, leaving it mysterious, sometimes unattainable and often fleeting.

Heartmath demonstrates that entering the zone is an internal process that can be developed and accessed at will. It reveals that the Zone is not a place – it's a state of consciousness where your higher motor faculties and intuition merge in liquid co-ordination. The key to accessing the Zone is coherence.

Research over the last two decades has let to new understandings on the interactions between the heart, brain and nervous system and how these interactions impact reaction times and performance. A measurable physiological state has been identified that underlies optimal performance and emotional stability called coherence – a state of synchronisation between the heart, brain and nervous system.

The Heartmath system is an innovative approach to optimal performance based on the fact that we can't just think our way there. Our minds may be thinking positive thoughts about the game and our performance, but our emotions are still linked to that sponsorship deal that fell through, that match point we just blew, and our ability to perform at our best is compromised. It is just about impossible to feel stressed and be in the Zone at the same time.

So whether it's increased productivity of work, overcoming the anxiety and stress of exams, or performing better in your chosen sport(s) please do get in touch for a free of charge consultation. 

Mike James, LTA Master Performance Coach, Certified HeartMath Sports Professional and NLP Sports Psychology Practitioner (+44 (0)7958 008312, mikejames@everyball.net)