Everyball Tennis welcomes Anna Popescu into our PROv3 scheme at HaltonUK

We'd like to wish Anna Popescu (in action yesterday below) a very warm welcome to Everyball Tennis as she joins fellow professional Sarah Beth Grey on our PROv3 scheme at HaltonUK (Halton Tennis Centre).  

Anna is 22 and lives in Bucks and plays for Hertfordshire.  She is an Arsenal supporter and has a rescue dog called Eddie (he's very cute, I met him yesterday and he'll be spending plenty of time with Anna down at the club!).  Here's a little more about Anna from Anna:

I grew up playing football (played for Watford).  I took to tennis and really enjoyed it and want to make it as a professional (which I class as being able to support myself).  My dream goal would be to make top 100 singles or doubles and compete at Wimbledon.  I would describe my game style as an all-courter.  My other interests are probably what I studied for A levels - psychology and politics.  I like following politics (not so much at the moment!) and also learning about the mind and for example factors that affect our behaviour and decisions, between nurture and nature I guess.

The part I love most about tennis is travelling, meeting people from different countries and cultures and learning about how their lives are different or similar to ours.  From travelling, I have definitely noticed a media bias in how some countries are reported and that's been really interesting.  And I guess I like going out to the gym and working out, eating well (I love trying cuisine from around the world).  Apart from that, I enjoy spending time at home with family and friends and of course Eddie!

I trained at Halton around 12/13 years old and really enjoyed it.  I love the atmosphere at the club.

PROv3 is a beneficial initiative of Halton UK's charitable projects, the aim being to support aspiring professional tennis players outside the WTA/ATP top 250 develop sustainable careers.

Such vulnerabilities include (but not limited to):

  • Potential for high stress/anxiety due to lack of resources to stay with the journey
  • Low incomes due to limited prize money at lower tier professional events and can result in early drop-out rates. This is often twinned with the need to constantly pursue elusive ranking points (therefore not resting or training sufficiently) which can lead to burn-out
  • Unprepared for life after tennis either when they retire or are forced out of the game due to injury

We seek to achieve this through pursuing our HaltonUK definition of winning which is to identify, gather and mobilise all our resources to go as far as we can.  In this our behaviours will be driven by our 3 key values (3V):

Excellence - the quality of being outstanding in all we do

Community - shared learning, experience and support

Teamship - actively willing each other on celebrating success

Over the last 3 years PROv3 has helped Sarah Beth Grey move up to a career high WTA doubles ranking of 146, competing at Wimbledon in the doubles and mixed doubles events this year.  Her singles ranking is on the move as well up recently by 60 places to 572.

If you would like to learn more about how you can help support Anna and Beth through PROv3 please contact Mike James, Director of Tennis, HaltonUK/Everyball Tennis - 07958 008312 or email mikejames@everyball.net








    Give Tennis A(nother) go or GTAG! Free Saturday morning sessions for adults with Mike James at Halton Tennis!

    Fancy giving tennis a(nother) go???

    •  Was it that bad at school that it's put you off for life?
    •  Are tennis clubs stuffy places for the posh and deep pocketed?
    •  Surely you've got to be good to play at a club??
    •  It's really expensive right?
    •  I won't fit in will I?

    At Halton Tennis Centre and Everyball Tennis (our coaching brand) we'd love you to give us a chance to bust some of these myths, so come and join our FREE OF CHARGE 'Give Tennis A(nother) go' (GTAG) sessions at Halton on a Saturday morning 9am-10am run by Mike James.

    Session dates this autumn:

    28/9 (tomorrow!), 5/10, 19/10, 26/10, 2/11 (sessions outdoors so will re-schedule  if weather is poor)

    You don't need a racket, just yourself (and any friends you want to drag along - anyone 16 years or older in fact!), some warm-ish clothing and trainers - we'll do the rest and promise you a great hour of fun, learning and exercise at the level and pace you want to go at.

    All we require is you email Mike at mikejames@everyball.net to say you're coming so we can plan for you!

    Hope to see you tomorrow!

    Mike and the TEAM at Halton - It's a great place to be...and become the tennis player you never knew you were!

    3 laws of learning

    Always helpful to remember that:

    1.  All players learn in different ways

    2.  All players require a desire and a need to learn/grow (can we light the spark of curiosity if it's not there?)

    3.  All players learn at different speeds

    Do you need some creative conflict today?

    Interesting interview with Matt Dickinson and Eddie Jones (first published as a podcast LifeTimes) in 'The Times' today where Jones talks about creative conflict.

    'If you don't have good ideas and debate, you can never get the best result.  If someone presents an idea and everyone agrees, you know it is a bad idea.  I will create conflict to make sure everybody is at the edge of their seats....I allow the opportunity for my players and staff to fail because that's where they'll learn the most....The players lead such a controlled life.  Everything is laid out for them, so you have to create a range of different experiences for them.'

    Barney Smith ranked No.1 in ITA Mens Doubles US Collegiate rankings whilst Holly Hutchinson also posts high pre-season rankings

    Big congratulations to Everyball alumnus Barney Smith of Texas A&M who topped the US Collegiate Mens Rankings at No.1 on Tuesday with his partner Juan Carlos Aguilar.  

    Also a huge well done to Everyball alumna (thank you google for teaching me the masculine and feminine of this noun!) Holly Hutchinson of Old Dominion University who enters the ITA pre-season national rankings at 48 in singles and 27 in doubles with partner Brooke Pilkington.  More details here: http://www.odusports.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=31100&ATCLID=211811908

    Great work you two and superb to see Everyball alumni making their mark in US College Tennis.