How can I add a little more 'stick' to those put-away forehand volleys?!

'Stick that volley MJ!'

As my college Coach Bill Wright used to demand back in my days playing at the University of Arizona (go Cats!).

So here's 3 ways in which you can add a little more zip to the ball when that horrible floating volley appears out of the mist on a cold winter's morning! (for those playing outdoor local leagues in Britain!)

Here's a positive 'extension' to lockdown

You get to work on your 'hitting zone'.

The longer you extend the hitting zone from back to front, the more the racket gains velocity (speed over one given direction) which translates into more ball speed in your shot.


Secrets to volleying when close to the net

Close to the net.

We need:

Fast eyes.

Fast hands.

An athletic look.

Keep the feet alive - (no classic 'step in')

Hands in front.

Use the BH for body balls.

Have fun working at it!

How can we overcome the 'fear of missing' and put real TRUST in our shots?

FEAR of failure (missing) is crippling in tennis. 

How then would we 'act' if we put real TRUST in our shots?

Today we finish this series in 'becoming brilliant at the basics' through R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

In my experience, I think sometimes we've just gotta 'act our way into a new way of thinking' rather than 'think our way into a new way of acting' so if you want to build more of a feeling of TRUST in your shots, try acting out these 3 linked behaviours:

  1.  'Let go of the racket and body' as you swing - ironically we've got to be prepared to miss.  Respect the game - top players have only won just over 50% of all career points.  Tennis involves missing/errors/losing points - get used to it.  'Letting go' is in my opinion linked to commitment - whatever you decision, commit to the shot and go for it!
  2. Breathe out on contact to help your timing, relax the mind & body/reduce muscle tension.
  3. Accelerate the racket on contact - when we play with fear we play only with the arm and tend to slow down and push/guide the ball

Here is a summary of R.E.S.P.E.C.T - the Everyball way at becoming brilliant at the basics

Be Ready to read and react to the ball with Energy in the feet 

Before you:

Split step on opponent's contact and Prepare the racket as you move and Establish the right space & distance from the ball to Control the path, angle and speed of your racket at contact 

And finally:

 Trust the process and back yourself - 'let go', breathe, and accelerate!

Don't know if I'll still be able to do this after lockdown!

Here's a fun Sunday challenge for those of you that have unstrung rackets lying about the house!!

My problem is my dear wife has gone into overdrive on the cake making during lockdown - HELP!!!!!!

Enjoy the weather today - looks like its set to turn next week sadly....

I really like this message from RVP on 'winners take control'

This was forwarded to me by a friend yesterday.

We talk a lot about the 4R's at Everyball and I think this is a great practical way in terms of how we as parents & coaches can help ourselves and our children/players live out responsibility.

Great parental 'coaching' to his son. 

Have a listen here - it's only a couple of minutes.

Here's a little challenge on the drop shot...

Can you play a drop shot by controlling the speed of your racket at contact in 3 different ways.

- accelerating at contact

- decelerating at contact

- maintaining speed at contact

Which do you find toughest? Easiest?

Skill-up and enjoy!

Ok, calling all Everyballers at Halton and beyond for this weekend's challenge.....

Ok folks here it is.

The handstand challenge.

Clock starts when your hands hit the turf.

Stops when your feet do.

Was that 11 seconds I was up for??????

C'mon can you beat me?


Have a great weekend....stay safe trying this but I definitely recommend doing it AT HOME!

Everyball's Dom King to speak tomorrow at The Tennis Summit 2020 - one not to miss!

Here is more information from Dom on this fantastic opportunity to tap in many of the world's leading coaches:

Dear All,

I hope everyone is keeping happy, healthy sane in the current situation. I'm sure we're counting the days until we can get back on to the court and in the gym and see some friendly faces.

In the meantime, so that you can still work on your game during this time, I wanted to let you know about a huge free online event called Tennis Summit 2020 that I will be speaking at, that's coming up from April 20th-25th.

My friend Mehrban Iranshad from Tennis Files is hosting his fourth annual online tennis conference and it is going to be an amazing event!

I will be part of the event alongside over 30 world­ class coaches and experts including:

Paul Annacone, Gigi Fernandez, Louis Cayer, Rick Macci, Jeff Salzenstein, Dr. Mark Kovacs, Will Hamilton, Ian Westermann, Jorge Capestany, Peter Freeman, Emma Doyle, Dr. Sean Drake, Dean Hollingworth, and many more!

These experts are going to reveal their proven secrets to help you take your tennis game to the next level.

As I'm speaking, you can sign up for free by following my link below:

This event is an incredible opportunity to learn strategy, technique, fitness, and the mental game from the best of the best.  

And you can see all of them in one place for free – you don't have to leave your house, which is somewhat convenient given the current climate.

You'll be joined by 10,000+ tennis players just like you who are passionate about becoming better tennis players.

This is honestly an incredible online event that you don't want to miss out on. I'm honoured to have been asked to take part in it.

P.S. Full disclaimer. It is free to sign up and watch the presentations. If you do decide to purchase the recordings of the event through my link, I will make a small commission on the purchase.

Let me know at if you have any questions at all and I hope to see you all very soon.

All the best,


Dominic King ASCC MTPS PES
Head of Athlete Development, Everyball Tennis, Halton Tennis Centre
Master Tennis Performance Specialist, Racquetfit Certified,
Strength & Conditioning Coach
07779 023845
T- @DomJKing
I - domjking

Almost there with respect to R.E.S.P.E.C.T! - What do you think the 'T' stands for?

Well we're almost there with respect to R.E.S.P.E.C.T!

I made this little acronym up a few years ago before a summer camp to help our students develop sound fundamentals whilst bringing the value of 'respect' to all we do.  It's been fun for me to go through it again and refine it here and there, and the below can act as a little technical 'checklist' to run through when working on your shots.

So, are you:

Ready to read and react with Energy in the feet? 

Before you:

Split step on opponent's contact and Prepare the racket as you move and Establish the right space & distance from the ball to Control the path, angle and speed of your racket at contact? 

And finally do you:

 T......(wonder what 'T' is for - any guesses?)

Contact with the ball is often referred to the moment of truth in tennis where a combination of the path of the racket, the angle of the racket face, and the speed of the racket ultimately determine the outcome of the ball as measured by the ball's height, direction, distance, speed and spin.  Learning the Control the path, angle and speed of the racket at contact is a key fundamental in becoming brilliant at the basics!

Today we do a little work on controlling the angle of the racket face at contact in order to direct the ball with accuracy.