A little more on timing today - top, rise or fall?

Whilst I'm looking to establish position around the ball to time the ball 'out in front, to the side, and waist high' I can also choose to make contact at three particular moments (tactical timing). They are:

  • On the rise - towards* the peak of the bounce - difficult to time but very effective in terms of taking time away from the opponent and using the speed of the ball
  • At the top of the bounce - that moment where the ball is neither rising or falling.  A little easier than on the rise and the ball has slowed somewhat but allows you to hit with real positive intent.
  • On the fall - as the fall is 'on the turn' and beginning** to fall.  This is in fact the easiest ball to 'time' and promotes more of a low to high racket path and potentially easier to generate topspin off as there is a natural opposite reaction to ball and racket taking place.  Often used in rallying situations by all levels of players and best for your minis and beginner players when looking to develop consistency in your shots.

*This is not a half-volley.  Too many players will select a half-volley from the baseline in a rally situation, and lose tempo on their shots.  Still important to allow to ball to rise some distance to give you more tactical options on the shot.

**Important not to let the ball fall too far so it drops below an optimal height