Achieving a 'stroke' feeling on your rally groundstrokes for more spin and security on these shots

I guess this new life we are experiencing through this horrendous virus is becoming a little more normalised now.  The novelty factor of 'stay at home' is all but gone as we face the real prospect of being in lock-down for a few more weeks yet and the true test of our resilience to keep going is upon us.

For the athletes out there, now is the moment to bear down and stick at it because it is also the moment that many will lose the self-discipline and motivation to keep training, to eat and sleep well, to keep positively engaged and feed the mind as well as take care of the body.   It's a time of great opportunity because if you can keep going now whilst others drop away, you'll have a great competitive advantage once you get back to the old 'normal'.

Amongst other things and for what it's worth, I'm maintaining my commitment to providing you with a little video each day and I've been given some great advice on how to keep improving on my pull-up challenge.  Can I get to 10 by Easter Sunday - I'm on 7 now!

So, yea, in a counter-intuitive way I often think that 'resilience' is actually found in the normal when the peaks are not so high and the troughs are not so low and it's all about 'keeping going'.  For so many of course the lows right now are incredibly low and in no way do I wish to devalue the horrendous time we are going through and my thoughts and prayers continue to go out to all in the front line or currently ill with the virus, particularly our Prime Minister today.

Here's the first video in a short series of shot 'feelings' and we start today with a look at our ground-'strokes' in rallying situations.

Have the best day you possibly can.