Addendum to earlier blog: Will Mottram and DJ Mentiply win Great Missenden Grade 3 16&U Doubles title

Sorry Will and DJ - having 'liked' the Instagram post yesterday of your win and including it on my back on an envelope

scribblings for the blog today I still managed to leave you off!  Very sorry and great job on your title, beating former Everyballers (now of Bradfield College) Will Mercer and Jack Shawyer 4-2 5-3.

Two years ago in the Everyball Academy Programme we launched 'doubles Mondays' where the training emphasis has been on doubles and the increase in doubles success by Everyball players during this time has been notable.  Great job to our Coaching team and for parents and players to embrace this - it could be 'easy' just to pursue success on the singles court, but as we know there are so many great reasons to work at and develop into accomplished doubles players.