Almost there with respect to R.E.S.P.E.C.T! - What do you think the 'T' stands for?

Well we're almost there with respect to R.E.S.P.E.C.T!

I made this little acronym up a few years ago before a summer camp to help our students develop sound fundamentals whilst bringing the value of 'respect' to all we do.  It's been fun for me to go through it again and refine it here and there, and the below can act as a little technical 'checklist' to run through when working on your shots.

So, are you:

Ready to read and react with Energy in the feet? 

Before you:

Split step on opponent's contact and Prepare the racket as you move and Establish the right space & distance from the ball to Control the path, angle and speed of your racket at contact? 

And finally do you:

 T......(wonder what 'T' is for - any guesses?)

Contact with the ball is often referred to the moment of truth in tennis where a combination of the path of the racket, the angle of the racket face, and the speed of the racket ultimately determine the outcome of the ball as measured by the ball's height, direction, distance, speed and spin.  Learning the Control the path, angle and speed of the racket at contact is a key fundamental in becoming brilliant at the basics!

Today we do a little work on controlling the angle of the racket face at contact in order to direct the ball with accuracy.