Are boys more 'skill-full' than girls?

Wow, dangerous ground this morning but here's the question: are boys more 'skill-full' than girls??

In the tennis world there is a suggestion that this might be true.

Personally I don't buy it.  Boys innately are no more skilful/coordinated than girls - at anything.  That my belief.

But in my experience of near on 30 years coaching junior players I would find it difficult to argue that as a (very) general rule, boys can make the ball sing in more different ways than girls.

Why is this?

Boys tend (and certainly not in every and all cases):

To muck around more.

Experiment more.

Try more dumb stuff - I'm a boy, I should know.

Like throwing more stones at windows.

Play more 'touch' games in the service box during breaks in training.  

Play more 'flagstone' tennis at tournaments.

Are more obsessed with trick shots.

Show off more.

Play a wider variety of sport.

And inadvertently develop 'more' skill.

Fortunately women's tennis is currently blessed with a hugely 'skill-full' world no. 1 player.  Slices, drop-shots, lobs, change of spins and pace, variation.  I love watching her put this array of skills out onto the match court and I hope she inspires more girls to muck around, be more 'play-full' and experimental in their practice because you've got all this skill inside you bursting to get out.

So, here I am 'mucking' about in the garden with a trick serve.  Give it a go!