Committed to change?

As coaches we seek to 'sell' change. As players, we hope we are able to embrace that change to improve, but real change only takes place with 'absolute commitment.' Absolute commitment means we will do whatever is needed to create the desired results. We will use creativity, courage and persistence to deal with problems and obstacles. Where does commitment begin then? Larry Wilson in 'Play to Win' outlines 5 levels of commitment beginning with 'passive interest' where we show no resistance to the idea or the desired results, but we are unwilling to change. We then move into 'active interest' where we find value in the plan, it sounds sensible and agreeable but we don't initiate actions that would start us down the path. 'Compliance' suggests we do what is asked but don't have the energy to motivate ourselves. 'Qualified' commitment shows we are positive and focused on the plan, we willingly move forward, but we may be overwhelmed by obstacles leading to slow progress or a complete stop. We are committed, but not at a sufficient level to overcome problems and obstacles. Only Absolute commitment leads to lasting change. Want change? Then check your commitment levels first - they'll be a great indicator as to how successful you might be in developing that new behaviour.