Defensive open-racket face skills today....can you beat my score of 34?! (do you know the dimensions of a court?!)

So the width of a service box singles line to centre line is 13.5 ft.  How are you on the rest of the court dimensions?  Any of these surprise you?

Length of service box, net to service line = 21ft

Service line to baseline = 18ft

Baseline to net = 39ft

Doubles tramline to doubles tramline = 36ft

Singles line to singles line = 27ft

Length of full court = 78ft

Height of net at middle = 3ft

Anyway, today's exercise works on open-racket face defensive skills side to side across the width of a service box

  1. Mark out width of a service box - 13.5ft
  2. Have a timer ready
  3. Starting at the middle point move out to and shadow a defensive backhand over the marker and then recover and repeat on the forehand side
  4. Repeat this continuously for 1 minute, counting each time you play a shot
  5. Maintain good posture - bend at knees not at waist.  Open stance on the FH and closed stance (stepping across with right foot for a right hander) on the BH
  6. Can you improve on my score of 34 in a minute?!  I hope so - I'm getting back out there today to improve!

Here's a demonstration of the exercise with my practice partner Smithy:

So, get your legs out and enjoy the sun today and challenge your heart and legs with this practice!

Let me know your scores ;-)