Developing coaching skills through serendipity - the 90 second rule

One of my favourite words.


Once described to me as the art of making pleasant discoveries by surprise.  Or via google dictionary, the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

It's nice when we unwittingly develop our coaching (or otherwise) skills in this way.

In posting a daily video on instagram I've had a recent experience of this. Videos have to be under 1 minute long so I've had to be very clear with my content and language and most importantly marry my physical demonstrations with my explanations.  This is key as there simply would not be time to explain then demo, but doing the two things at the same time saves time and helps me fit everything in.

Why is this important at a practical level?  Generally, players don't like to be 'brought in' by the coach too often or for too long - they want to be out there doing it!  So at Everyball Tennis we have a 90 second rule in which we challenge ourselves as coaches to get the players back out on court in 90 seconds clear on the next practice.

We also know that 'touches on the ball' (volume) is very much linked to improvement and during a 90 minute squad session it's a real challenge to ensure that on average (including drink breaks) players touch the ball a minimum of 5-6 times/minute.

So, today I plough on with a post on covering the net in doubles.  Have a good day...