Footwork masterclass from Felix Auger Aliassime - lessons from the practice courts at Wimbledon

A hop means to take off on one foot and land on that same foot.  A jump is the reverse, take off on one land on the other.

See Felix Auger Aliassime work on his movement forward off a short ball.  His footwork through the short is determined by: 

- his initial position on the court (where he's coming from)

- the characteristics of the ball he is receiving; in this case a slow (speed) shorter ball (distance) to the forehand from  a cross-court direction, relatively low (height) and with a little topspin.

- his shot selection (FH topspin approach down the line - attacking with precision) and movement after towards the net.

He therefore selects on this occasion a hop step through the shot, taking off on his left and landing on his left to increase his ability to get up to the top of the bounce to take it early and the distance he can cover towards the net to ensure a good volley position.