Here's 10 great reasons to play Doubles

In our Everyball Academy Programme we think playing doubles is a really important - so much so we dedicate one session per week to it.

Here's 10 reasons why and I'm sure you can think of a few more:

1.  Doubles is a team sport in what is generally a singular pursuit - learning to work effectively together with and support your partner develops great team skills.  

2.  Playing doubles can keep you in the tournament if you're out early in singles.  This is especially relevant when you're travelling and playing back to back events.  You don't want to be hanging around fighting for practice courts etc for too long and doubles keeps you competitive and on-court.

3.  There is now a bonafide career in doubles with a sustainable living to be made.

4.  Doubles is critical to Fed/Davis Cup and other major team competitions on the tour like the Hopman Cup.  Domestically County Cup will always involve doubles and of course doubles plays a key role in US College Tennis and GB University Tennis.  Therefore, you can gain selection into teams on doubles merit.

5.  Doubles develops so many aspects of your singles game - open racket face skills, net game, serve and return, reaction skills/fast hands and quick thinking to name just a few.

6.  Doubles brings a whole new tactical dimension to the sport (formations, poaching, etc) and players learn to think and talk with their partner through matches and tough situations.

7.  It's a destination many of us end up at - playing doubles brings longevity to playing when the singles legs aren't there any more!  (and it's a great route back into the sport after injury - a la Andy Murray).  All club league tennis in Britain will generally involve doubles.

8.  Doubles can be a positive distraction from the pressure of the singles court.

9.  Doubles brings a social aspect - meeting and getting to know different partners, travelling/eating with your partner, etc. etc.

10.  And the most important one - it's great fun!!