How can we overcome the 'fear of missing' and put real TRUST in our shots?

FEAR of failure (missing) is crippling in tennis. 

How then would we 'act' if we put real TRUST in our shots?

Today we finish this series in 'becoming brilliant at the basics' through R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

In my experience, I think sometimes we've just gotta 'act our way into a new way of thinking' rather than 'think our way into a new way of acting' so if you want to build more of a feeling of TRUST in your shots, try acting out these 3 linked behaviours:

  1.  'Let go of the racket and body' as you swing - ironically we've got to be prepared to miss.  Respect the game - top players have only won just over 50% of all career points.  Tennis involves missing/errors/losing points - get used to it.  'Letting go' is in my opinion linked to commitment - whatever you decision, commit to the shot and go for it!
  2. Breathe out on contact to help your timing, relax the mind & body/reduce muscle tension.
  3. Accelerate the racket on contact - when we play with fear we play only with the arm and tend to slow down and push/guide the ball

Here is a summary of R.E.S.P.E.C.T - the Everyball way at becoming brilliant at the basics

Be Ready to read and react to the ball with Energy in the feet 

Before you:

Split step on opponent's contact and Prepare the racket as you move and Establish the right space & distance from the ball to Control the path, angle and speed of your racket at contact 

And finally:

 Trust the process and back yourself - 'let go', breathe, and accelerate!