More from Miss Dunne on tour in Asia

Hey, I thought as you had put up the blog of my match I might give you one for pre-tourney, like plane journey and dares and what not cos those are the funny bits!!
I'll try do my best with the computer cos it's a japanese one so really weird!!

So here goes....

We left Wednesday morning from heathrow airport. Before the flight we had to make sure we had enough food to last the epic 27 hour journey so we all bombarded into Eat (type of sandwich place). So all of us got a good quantity of food, bar the one, who went overboard on the stocks...of course it was Pippa Horn, who made sure she had one massive baguette, 2 packs of sandwiches, bag of crisps, banana, pot of fruit, big bar of chocolate and of course a muffin (the girl eats like a horse!!) though this wasn't enough for her as she lapped up the plane food as well! During the flight some managed to get some sleep but others (unfortunately me) couldn't manage it :/ though finally I fell asleep for 5 hours during our wait for the connecting flight!!
So finally landed in Japan at 6.30 Friday evening to the awaiting darkness (goes dark here so early!) and found our way to the hotel where I went straight to bed.

First day of practice and were all gagging to have a run about after the journey. Half an hour in and disaster strikes....Pippa (my doubles partner) fell on a ball about 8 metres behind the baseline and couldn't get up as her ankle had swollen to the size of a tennis off to the hospital she went (she managed to find herself there the last three trips!!) Myself, Fran Stephenson and Lucy Brown finished our practice and went back to the hotel for a shower where we found Pippa on crutches with a cast on her leg...bang goes my doubles partner.

The day before matches and were all pretty bored of waiting around so we go to the local park for a chill out and game of dares which starts pretty light, with dares that just make us look plain stupid but then they got a bit more intense. We dare Lucy to go and ask these two Japanese kids to use their ball while their eating their lunch....first dare complete. But then we thought we would make the stakes a bit higher with Lucy having to go across the park by herself and interrupt some adults skipping by running in and start skipping with them. Which of course she did and found it so fun she ran over and got me and we skipped with them for 10 minutes...very funny i guess you had to be there to understand it!! But safe to say we have made some japanese friends!

....And then there was match day which you already received.

Note: Katy won her first round doubles match today