One of those moments to say, 'sod it, I'm just gonna do it!'?? Adult tennis camps at Halton this coming week!

If you're anything like me you put things off - put things off that you'd like to do, wish you could do, or are just too plain scared to do??

Well, this could be your moment to change that and hop onto one of our adult tennis camps days this week at Halton Tennis Centre.

9am - 12noon on Wednesday and Friday the 14th and 16th August we are running adult tennis camps - suitable for beginner, intermediate and club standard players - barrier to entry is ability (we won't accept you if you're too good!!).

One of our Everyball coaches will take you through a range of drills, games and practices to get you playing that tennis you always wished you could play and you'll get some great exercise, have a good giggle or two and meet some new faces!

Up for it?  Please email me on or text/call on 07958 008312.  Bring a friend and we'll knock 25% off the daily rate of £30.00

Still a chance to play like a PRO......well ok, maybe not, but come and have a bash anyway!